Welsh walk in Dinbych y Pysgod / Tenby

Here’s the latest information from Y Gloncfeistres who organises Welsh walks for learners in Sir Benfro:

Y Clonc Mawr

Dydd Sadwrn 16/02/2019 - Saturday 16/02/2019

Dinbych y Pysgod/Tenby

10:30 Meet in Cadwaladers, Tenby.

11:00 Start the walk. Picnic on the way, bring sandwiches and a drink. A walk across South beach and on the cliffs, about 4 miles. Dogs on leads.

Y Gloncfeistres: Sarah Eastlake

So trefnwyr Y Clonc Mawr yn derbyn unrhyw gyfrifoldeb am anaf, colled, camdreiglo, boddi, ymosodiad gan siarcod, ayb.

The organisers of the Clonc Mawr do not accept any responsibility for injury, loss, mutation mistakes, drowning, shark attack, etc


iawn idea!

Dee wy’ti er ‘organiser’ Dinbych y Pysgod? Dwi newydd yn Sir Benfro a dwi nabod dim bid yn a group. (just in case my welsh is wrong - Dee are you the organiser of this walk? I’m new in Pembrokeshire and don’t know anyone in the group)

Hi Katy,

No, I’m not the organiser, but they’re a friendly group and very happy to have new people that are learning with SSiW. You can get yourself on the email list by contacting susan.carey.btinternet.com

They have a Facebook page as well - Y Clonc Mawr