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Hi Pawb

I was thinking of starting a youtube channel and doing some vlogs yn Gymraeg, I’ve been learning for 5 months now and feel confident enough at this point to start it. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in me doing something like this? I feel like it would help my own Welsh improve and other learners listening skills! Please let me know if anyone thinks this would be a good idea, would love to know what everyone thinks.

Many Thanks



Absolutely it’s a good idea. Anything which helps you and the rest of us is good. Make sure you let me know your channel when you’ve done it. Good on you…

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Definitely :slight_smile: You don’t have anything to lose!

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Go for it

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Good idea. This way it wouldn’t only help you with your improvement of your Welsh but also having the notion about how much and how fast you improve. Watching recordings from the past can make us aware how much we’ve learnt already and how we improved our speaking skills through the time.

On the other note: When you start a YouTube channel be aware though to mark it as “not made for kids” channel as you probably won’t post anything targeted directly to the kids younger than 13 years. This setting isn’t the same as that of “Child friendly” so take an extra effort to do so.

I’m writing this note because some of you might probably not know that from 1st January 2020 all YouTube channels will have to comply to the COPPA (children protection law valid in USA) so those of you who only are starting your YouTube channels might want to do the things right already from the beginning.

All the rest, if you somehow missed it (which is most unlikely as it kind of real “war” is going on on YouTube about this though), might want to go through channel settings and do that too. Since I doubt any of content on your channels are directly targeted to the kids you should set the entire channel as “not made for kids”.

If you haven’t read yet, “Made for kids” channel means the videos on it woun’t be searchable, won’t have the possibility of any comments and if you’re subscribed to the such channel, you might no longer view their content.

This is a bit off topic here though but since you said you think of starting the YouTube channel I thought you might want to know these latest issues on YouTube too.

Otherwise: good luck with your vlogs and let me know when the first one arrives so I can subscribe to your channel and never miss the newest ones.

Pob lwc a chwyl!
Tatjana :slight_smile:


Go ahead! Take the plunge and go for it if you feel you’re ready. I have a YouTube channel where I post videos in Welsh and so does Nicky. The more the merrier!