Welsh tutor available in Southern Hemisphere

Su’mae bawb!

I’m a Welsh tutor and I’ve just moved to Sydney, Australia with my partner who is from here.

I’m passionate about the Welsh language. It might be of interest to know that I have never lived in Wales! I was born and brought up in London by my Welsh mum and Iranian dad. Welsh is my first language and what we speak at home. I taught Welsh in London for 7 years. I also have Welsh speaking relatives in Patagonia. So, as you can see, speaking Welsh outside of Wales is a bit of a special interest of mine!

I am looking for new, enthusiastic Welsh learners! I’m available for learners of all ages and experience in Sydney and by Skype to all those in the Southern Hemisphere! Hit me up if you reckon I can help you develop your Welsh in any way.

You can see my (brand new) fb page here facebook.com/cymraegsydney/

Diolch o galon, Alys

Ps. My partner (like many of my former students) is using the SSiW method and is loving it! I am a huge fan.


Croeso, Alys!

I’m not Aussie nor ever been, but from what I’ve read there are a fair amount of Welsh speakers there. I don’t have much information but there is the St. David’s Welsh Society. You may find some speakers/learners there.

St. David’s Welsh Society of Brisbane
Rene Jones-Kelk
P. O. Box 4051
Eight Mile Plains, Queensland
Q4113 Australia


Diolch yn fawr!

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Helo Alys,
Great idea!
I used to live in Sydney, but I moved to the country about 5 hrs drive to the north, Uralla, too far to attend regular sessions, I’m afraid.
There are at least two regular language classes in the Sydney area that I know of, I could get you in contact with them if you wish. Another approach might be to connect via the Welsh in Australia Facebook groups - The Welsh Downunder and Cymry Awstralia, there may be more.
A while ago there was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about a group of parents starting a Welsh-language playgroup, I can PM you the details (when I find them) if you wish
Pob lwc!


Hello @alyszaerin!

Have you joined the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group? There are people in that who live in Australia and might be interested in more opportunities in closer time zones.
Just send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with WSP as the subject and we’ll send you an invitation to join.


Won’t forget joining up for Welsh classes in the London Welsh Centre with just a little bit of trepidation on the first evening. However, trepidation went as soon as Alys arrived with her clear Welsh, unbridled enthusiasm and her constant smile through my never ending mistakes. A great tutor so, if anyone is thinking of learning Welsh in Australia, check her out.

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Helo Alys
I live in Aotearoa-NZ and may be interested in Skype classes or even attending in Sydney possibly next year. In July this year, I will be spending 6 months in Wales, and right now I’m doing the SSiW course (up to week 8). I’d like to keep in touch. I’ll like your FB page.
Bronwen Jones


Hi @louis

Thanks for your tips! I’ve met Huw who does the lessons at the Gaelic Club but haven’t come across any other lessons yet. I’ve been on the facebook groups and I am going to be helping out with the play group! Not bad for a few weeks here, eh! Nonetheless, I would be grateful for any further help/leads you could provide.

Diolch yn fawr, Alys

@Deborah-SSi Diolch yn fawr!

@peterallen Rwyt ti yn garedig iawn Peter! You are too kind :slight_smile: :smile:

@BronwenJones Hi Bronwen, I’ll send you a private message.

Busy busy!
Glad to hear you’ve made some good contacts in Sydney.
I’ll PM you with the details of the Welsh class I attended for a while, if you like - they may appreciate your help, and can certainly suggest further connections