Welsh Translations of English songs - Cyfieithiadau Cymraeg o ganeuon Saesneg

Dw i’n chwilio am gyfeithiadau Cymraeg o ganeuon pop a roc Saesneg.
Pethau o’r 60au hyd at heddiw i’w canu mewn gigs ar gyfer Dydd Gwyl Dewi.
Oes 'na unrhyw yma gyda geiriau dw i’n gallu “benthyg” plis? Diolch

I’m searching for translations of English pop and rock songs from the 60s to the present to sing at gigs on Saint David’s Day. Does anybody have any I could steal please? Thanks

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If you put ‘lyrics’ into the search here, there are several threads where people have posted lyrics, so that would get you some. :slight_smile: https://forum.saysomethingin.com/search?q=lyrics

By the way, please could you add a translation in English if you post in Welsh - English, strange though it may seem, is the main language of the forum because many members are just starting off and not being able to understand a post all in Welsh can be off-putting, whereas a bilingual one can be understood by everyone at every level. :slight_smile:


Thanks Siaron, I’ll edit the original post now and look at the link you provided x

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I watched a programme about Dafydd Iwan the other night and caught a chunk of him singing a Welsh version of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land” - it’s mentioned at the end of this article, and more might be findable online:

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