Welsh + Techy Stuff Conference and Unconference Bangor 20&21/1/17

The Hacio’r Iaith ‘unconference’ on Welsh, OT, Misc Techy/Geeky/Whateverness is in ‘Pontio’ in Bangor on 21st january next year.

Always full of cool interesting new projects, often updates on what the ‘big cultural bods’ lie, the national museums, S4C etc are doing in terms of Welsh medium content and loads of just individuals sharing interesting stuff, in Welsh.

Coolest thing last time round was probably the Welsh Speaking Siri-a-like, Macsen!

I almost always go and usually talk a - about my Arduino robot last time, gamification of behaviour management the year before that and erm… SSIW I think the year before that!

Might this year time round something on my battles to provide a bilingual option of the IT/Telecoms apprenticeship I teach. Or about a vague idea about translating silly games like Fluxx and Sneaky Cards for which free to use templates are available. Or something else that takes my mind…


Lle byddi di’n aros, Leia? Os oes gen ti sach cysgu arctic, mae’n bosib bydd y chalet yn iawn erbyn hynna… :slight_smile:

Am gysgu mewn sac bivvy dan adenydd yr X’Air yw fy sac cysgu i! :wink:

Fedr y chalet ddim fod yn oerach na hynna…:wink:

Baswn i’n hapus iawn i drio fe! Diolch yn fawr iawn am y cynnig

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And in a feat of non-coincidence the Bangor Language Technologies Conference is the day before so people can scoop up both if wanted. Haven’t been to that one before but will probably make a long weekend of it


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I attended a couple of talks by the Language and Tech department at the Bangor University pafilion at the Abergavenny Eisteddfod. Interesting stuff, and not just because the alternative was wandering around in the rain!

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Ww, difyr, diolch!


Next weekend. Well Friday/Saturday.

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