Welsh subtitles on Newyddion S4C

From September onwards, viewers of S4C Newyddion (news) will be able to select subtitles in Cymraeg. The idea is to help ‘siaradwyr newydd’ (new speakers) to follow the news items by reading in Welsh at the same time.

For those of you who are more confident speaking than reading, this will also give you a chance to increase your reading skills.

This article about it is in Welsh - Isdeitlau Cymraeg ar Newyddion S4C er mwyn helpu siaradwyr newydd


Welsh subtitles are surprisingly helpful. Extra bit if brain input to balance out variable pronounciation!

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I can’t get the Newyddion subtitles on laptop or phone. The usual subtitle icon on bottom left does not appear. Anyone else having this problem? I miss Yr Wythnos