Welsh story card game for groups?

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I think these are wonderful!

What a brilliant idea, I wonder how many permutations of stories 40 cards makes !

That, frankly, is the stuff of genius. Quite superb.

I’m really keen to get this to as many people as possible, particularly those involved in organising meetups. Looks as though we could use something like:


to put a pack together at pretty low cost. Maybe it would be interesting to crowd source a range of designs and stuff? I’m loving your work - just wondering how far the idea could grow if we threw the opportunity to contribute open to all the community - how would you feel about that?

That is so, so, so, so cool, and those drawings are awesome. Want!

I don’t know how many cards we could put together at £10/50 before it started getting expensive (I imagine we might end up with a couple of hundred if lots of folks started contributing cards), but I like the idea of taking these along to the Bridgend meetup a lot.

(Or of playing with my long-suffering wife)

I don’t know how many cards we could put together at £10/50 before it started getting expensive

Yup, I think there are some natural limits in there - but we’d certainly be very willing to sub as much as we could, and if groups came at it from the angle of having a wide pool to choose from, rather than feeling that they needed to have all the cards…

There’ve been some remarkable things that have come out of this community, but this might well be the best idea yet - quite fantastic, Ow.

Thanks for the compliments! Just glad to see they may be of some use.

My intention was to just make them available as a set of images which could be simply be printed off on a home computer by anyone who wanted them onto cheap A4 card stock and then cut out with scissors or a craft knife.
That would enable other designs to be put up as well, as it were.

That sort of craft business is not everyone’s cup of tea, though! But 10 pounds for a pack of cards does seem quite a bit.

I mean, I would be happy to make a few packs myself of the ones I’ve done for anyone who wants them (once you’ve done something like that once and sorted out the problems, the times after are easy!) but then there would be the problems of distribution (how much is postage for something like that nowadays?), them being only the ones I’ve designed, and relying on my lack of fecklessness…

I may indeed be coming at this as an established ‘non-crafty’ kind of person!

But 10 pounds for a pack of cards does seem quite a bit

Dunno - for a standard pack, sure, but for a custom-designed set of loveliness that’s going to help people play with their Welsh, strikes me as a bargain. We’d certainly be happy to give a £10 starting present to meetups…:slight_smile:

A tenner’s comparable to commercial Card Games like Fluxx and things though, (Which has a custom card set I’m tempted to Cymregio).

I’m buy those for a tenner!

Wonderful stuff Owain! Can I have a copy of the images?



Bendigedig! Loving them!

Personally, I also like the idea of a version that is image-only, so that the language for each card could be constructed from scratch - with the image serving as a prompt - thus allowing even more spoken variations and also catering to varying abilities. (Tried it myself a couple of months ago but they ended up in the bin!)

They look like an absolutely fantastic addition to a meetup though, and I really like your illustrations too. Da iawn Owain. Maen nhw’n hollol wych!!

@Aran- Well, I’d certainly up for going along with the whole idea, anyway. No reason both ways couldn’t be available, I suppose!

I’ll carry on with cleaning up my lot and making them jpg friendly anyway!

@Leia- Buy me a pint next time I see you out and I’ll make you a set! (Not that you need them!)

@Stu- Thanks! And yes, of course, once I clean them up and scan them all!

And ta Jon, interesting idea.

I’m wondering whether a piece of software called the Magic Set Editor may help make some fancy-looking cards. I will give it a try with one of Owain;s cards and see what I can come up with…


Owain, unfortunately it’s too late for this year, but often the Eisteddfod has among the “written competitions” a category for materials prepared for learners, a game for learners, or something similar. When the testunau (competitive topics/categories) are published this summer for the 2015 Eisteddfod, I seriously think you should look to see if this game would fit, & develop it & enter it. :slight_smile:

Owain, this is a great idea and nice drawings. I do have a few suggestions.

I would avoid JPG. With line drawings, the compression can leave artefacts. Use TIFF or PNG. I can’t tell if this drawing has shading or if I’m seeing eraser smudges.

Scan in greyscale. Otherwise you get odd color information. This can be removed later, but cleanup is easier if scanned without color info. Unless you plan to add color to them. LOL

If this is just line art without shading, they could be converted to a vector format more easily. This would allow for a cleaner result when scaled for print as vector formats are resolution independent. PDF supports vectors, so that would be a good choice if you go that route.

I can help with this if you like.

@Diane- thank you for that idea! I’ll certainly keep it in mind.

@Craig- thank you very much for your input and offer of help. Unfortunately, without the aid of “Say Something in Computing”, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. :wink:

If it is ok, I will send you a pm tomorrow to take advantage of your kind offer!

Oh, and forgot really to say
@Aran, thank you for supporting this!
And sort of related to what Craig was saying (well, I assume!), what sort of format would moo want?

@Owain: Sorry, I keep forgetting the Internet isn’t just for geeks anymore. :wink:
Feel free to send me a PM. I will try and do a write up describing things in more layman’s terms.