Welsh story card game for groups

The last thread on this took a quick nose dive into disaster, my fault! So just starting another thread on it, as don’t think many people will be looking at the last one!

So, is there anyone who would like a Welsh story card game for a Welsh group (or for anyone, in fact?)

Consists of creating a series of short, bizarre stories -hopefully occasionally amusing! - with Welsh which has been checked over by Welsh speakers with qualifications and experience in that sort of thing, along with some curious little illustrations.

My last offer was to stick up a pdf of the cards for all and sundry, but maybe most people don’t like scrabbling around with scissors and card, so here’s the offer-

I’ll make a set of the cards for anyone who wants them, and send them out, on the understanding that the postage will be paid for afterwards if the recipient finds the cards useful.

They are being kept very basic to keep the costs down but it is the text and illustrations which are the point of the game, so it should still work!

Anyone fancies trying a set, pm me!

I’d like a copy for the Brussels meeting, I’ll send you pm with the details.

I saw them on the first thread briefly, Owain, and loved them. However as the most junior member of the group, I will have to ask the Barry ladies very nicely if they would like to play it one day.

(Any Barry ladies…?)

Thanks, Sonia!

Yes, sorry about that! It was just after having the text checked and spending a bit of time on the illustrations, I overly panicked when I saw my cards being altered- which is going to happen on the internet!- because it coincided with an untimely appearance of “Y Ci Du”, so I had the pictures taken down 'cos I couldn’t edit the post.

Sorry to anyone who felt put out or insulted by that!

In the meantime, thank you to everyone for the requests- if I haven’t replied, it’s because I’ve been busy making them, and making sure they are robust enough to be useable!

I’ll be sending them out presently, getting them cheaply robust and finger print proof has been a bit of a Heath Robinson affair, but the first ones should be sent off tomorrow.

Also, because of the Heath Robinson nature of it, it’s not (yet) in a form which can be sent out by email. Sorry!
Will arrange for that, but presently busy making the cards, but will hopefully arrange for that afterwards.

Thanks once again, will reply by pm to everybody when I have time!

Sonia said:

I saw them on the first thread briefly, Owain, and loved them. However as the most junior member of the group, I will have to ask the Barry ladies very nicely if they would like to play it one day.

Nobody’s a junior member in Barry!!! Sonia - you’re in charge of this one. Owain - many thanks for a great idea.

Thanks, chief! Oops I mean…

Oops! Well, that didn’t work out either!

So sorry, had to take a bit of a break for the sake of my sanity and the sanity of the people around me!

Feeling much better now, and the packs are being sent off now, apologies to all for the tardiness.

Anyhow, if you still want a pack Netmouse, let me know the address and I will be delighted to send one out!

The whole idea of starting this was for me to be happy to produce packs for SSiW Welsh groups for free, and make them available. Unfortunately it got derailed somewhat (sad face!)

It would, quite literally, be my pleasure to make one for your group.

I’ll see about also making them available as images for people who have a licence to use scissors now I’m back up and about, as also per part of the original intention.

Anyhow, anyone else still interested, let me know!

I don’t know what it is. there are groups you say? I’m not in a group but I am interested in the idea, can you tell me or point me in the direction of what these packs do be. I have a fake licence to use scissors so emailed pics would be fine for me. I home educate my daughter so she is quite handy with scissors, it’ll give her something to do between minecraft and listening to me singing.

Hi Lurch
I am still interested in a set for the Norfolk group. I will send a PV. Thanks so much.

I don’t know what they are, either, but they look something like this-

And are apparently used for making short, bizarre stories.

And yes, there are SSiW groups. I am in a group. It looks something like this-

There may be a group near you. Have you looked behind the sofa?

I’ll get some sort of imagey thingy up and running soon so that you can print stuff onto card and let your daughter loose. Will pm you when it’s ready to go.

@maynard- will do! You’re welcome!

Good to see you back on the scene Owain - the forum’s missed you! I’ll pm you now.

Hi! I would love a set. I live in Australia so postage may be prohibitive. I don’t mind cutting and pasting, so, if you were able to send me soft copies I can make them up myself.

But Elizabeth, aren’t you going to a Bootcamp soon? Couldn’t Owain send the cards to someone who’s coming to that Bootcamp, and you could pick them up then?

Hi Owain, Diolch yn fawr am y cardiau. Mi dderbyniais i nhw bore 'ma. Mi fydda i’n cyflwyno nhw i’r grŵp a’r cyfarfod nesaf. Unwaith eto diolch o galon i’ch di. Dymuniadau gorau.

We had lots of fun at the Barry group this afternoon! Some very strange things going on with aliens, gorillas, bananas… I think some of the subtleties may have been lost - to me at least - in the heat of the moment but we all got the gist! (We also enjoyed the instructions…)
If I ever get to bootcamp (dream on!), I would definitely bring them along!
I should report that Arianhod is the undisputed champion in this new sport though. Clearly a gifted player, winning at least 4 (was it?) stories and playing all her cards at the end. Watch out when it comes to the all-Wales championships!

We’re just trying to get a group going in North Northumberland and these could be a really useful means of getting a discussion going. Look out for my p.m.

@ Maynard- Croeso! Gobeithio gewch chi dipyn o sbort gyda nhw.

@ Netmouse- Thanks for that, glad to hear they went down ok!

@ Douglas Ewart- I’ll be happy to send you out a pack. Hope the group goes well!

The cards arrived this morning but, while there are clear instructions, there is no indication as to how to reimburse you for the postage and packing to say nothing of the cost of the cards themselves.
We’re meeting again next week so will try them then. I’m sure they’ll help to break the ice and should get us laughing and talking to each other … In Welsh!
Let me know how much I owe you and where to send the cheque.

Just to make it clear, have been making these cards (normal size) and laminating them myself [to protect from beer! ;-)] and sending them out with the idea that only postage should be covered.

(They are shown a few entries above in this thread!)

As postage was less than I thought, have been making them and sending them out for nothing, as hopefully they will be of use to groups.

The humour of the cards is the main thing, along with the original drawings, but whatever floats your boat!

Anyway, anyone who wants a set, please get in touch. And if you’ve asked and haven’t had one, it is in the pipeline, honest!

Oh, and though I am not one to normally blow my own trumpet, I suppose I should say that they have been tried out by many groups and pairs of learners, semi-fluent and native speakers who seem to find the thing amusing, diverting, and a way to have a bit of fun in Welsh. If you have nothing better to do!

So if you fancy giving it a go, get in touch and I’ll send a pack out!