Welsh Speech Tags

In Wales, whether you speak English or Welsh, we very often put a ‘tag’ at the end of a sentence when we speak. Such as, isn.t it, or wasn’t she, or don’t they etc. So here’s a list of those tags in Welsh and English. So now you can enhance your Welsh. Have fun.

‘On’d’ tags‘Saesneg
On’d ydw i ? … Aren’t I / don’t I?
On’d wyt ti? … Aren’t you / don’t you?
On’d yw e? … Isn’t he / doesn’t he?
On’d yw hi? … Isn’t she / doesn’t she?
On’d (yd)yn ni? … Aren’t we / don’t we?
On’d dych chi? … Aren’t you / don’t you?
On’d (yd)yn nhw? … Aren’t’ they / don’t they?
On’d oes e? … Isn’t there / Aren’t there?

And some examples.
Mae e’n dda, on’d yw e? … He is good, isn’t he?
wyt) ti’n lico canu, on’d wyt ti? … You like singing, don’t you?
Mae hi wedi mynd, on’d yw hi? She’s gone, hasn’t she?



"Isn’t it’ reminds me of my welsh speaking grandmother. She spoke to me in english and her speech was littered with the phrase. No answer required!
Thankyou for the memory :slightly_smiling_face: