Welsh-speaking ukulele club

If you’re learnign Welsh (which you should be doing) and can play or are learning to play the ukulele, then here’s a couple of links you might find useful.

The first is a general ukuleles in Wales site that contains links to several other sites as well as other resources. Appropriately, it is called Ukulele.Wales. Unfortunately, many of the clubs linked to are on Facebook, so if, like me, you don’t trust that platform, be aware of this. Anf, if nothing else, you will surely love the ukulele featured in the site’s banner.

The second is more specific and is the site of the ukulele club in Ystrad Mynach. The nice thing about this club is that the lessons are given in Welsh and are aimed at, “All abilities of Welsh learners and learners of the instrument.” Looks very good, indeed. The club is called Cwmalele and there is a weekly get-together. I’d certainly join if I still lived in the Rhondda (but I left in about 1958!).


I’ve been looking at buying a tenor uke, so thanks for the links. There’s also a new channel on Youtube started recently teaching Ukelele in Cymraeg, hope you don’t mind me posting the link as additional info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVT-ULFoCqw&list=LLx5gisoWh1FDGDcezwWsl-w&index=37&t=0s

Wonderful! The more the merrier, especially ones in Welsh!

I started last year with a tenor ukulele, but soon changed to a concert model (actually, two), which I find much more comfortable to play. I wrote my first song a few days ago, called The Coronavirus Boogie, but my Welsh genes went walkies long ago, so singing really isn’t a strong point! I’m now working on the follow-up, The Coronavirus Blues.

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