Welsh Speaking Practice in North America

Anyone that wants to have a bit of informal practice, there is a North America group that meets on zoom, every Monday and Friday. 6:00 pm (18:00), Toronto time. 3:00 pm (15:00) Vancouver/California time. Links can be found on the American section of SLACK. All welcome.


Just to elaborate -

If you’re a member of the SSiW Community Chat Slack group, it’s the #american-chat channel

If you’re a member of the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, it’s the #the-americas channel

Note that anyone paying a subscription to access SSiW material is entitled to join the SSiW Community Chat Slack group, which was previously only available to people following the 6 Minutes a Day (or 6 Months) course.

If you’re paying a subscription and haven’t received an invitation to join, just send an email through to admin@saysomethingin.com stating that you’re paying the monthly subscription and you’d like to join. We’ll send you an email invitation.

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Diolch Deborah!

Helo, Deborah,

I’m on Level 1, about to begin Challenge 7. I’ve been away, had some challenges (not Welsh!), so am behind. I should be on challenge 12. (Stress!) I’m not a slow learner, but maybe a higher repetition learner? Or at least a differently skilled or differently abled learner? Challenge 6 said to let someone know if this was the case–but who? Where? I’m finding the forums visiually confusing to navigate, and are these the same as Slack? I’m motivated to keep going (brwydro ymlaen), but feel just a few steps from adrift. I don’t expect you to answer all of my questions, but perhaps you can point me in a helpful direction/person/forum/how-to-navigate?

Diolch yn fawr—Judy

If you’re in North America ( and even if you’re not) you are welcome to join our informal group on Monday and Friday Evenings at 7:00 Toronto/New York time. The same link works from one session to another.

@julia-f-learn I’ll send you a private message and we’ll work out the best strategy for you.