Welsh Speaking Penpals Project?

Shwmae pawb, I am looking to see if there is anything being run in terms of penpals? I don’t have many welsh speaking friends and I feel like I’ve annoyed the ones who do with constant questions about Welsh (oops)

I’m looking to see if there is anything set up with having one on one daily conversations with other welsh learners or speakers. I was thinking having multiple conversations throughout the day with 3 different people on like a pen pal basis e.g. asking how their day is, what they have been up too. I think it would be good to keep that daily welsh contact going so the fundamentals aren’t lost inbetween welsh lessons.

Anyone interested in doing this?
Dw i’n dysgu cymraeg ar lefel mynediad


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Not exactly the same thing, but SSiW have a postcard club

There are also a couple of text practice group that I know about. One is on facebook: I think via the Dwi’n dysgu Cymreag group and the other one is on the Telegram Platform. Or you can post stuff everyday on this forum in the Welsh language topic (I can’t find it just now).

Alternatively, even better is the Welsh Speaking Practice arranged by SSiW open to all: Actual conversations by audio or video, one to one or in groups. All friendly and mixture of abilities.


Hi John would be very interested. Message me if want to try out


If you want to join Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) @aaronrobeerrts, @sandrahulland, you need to get ‘invited’ to the group - and to do that you simply send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with WSP in the title and they’ll send you an invite.
WSP is open to anyone of any level who wants to practice their Welsh with other learners and speakers, including members of the SSiW team. As well as the chance to chat via audio/video with others across the world (literally), you can also post questions and receive answers from the very friendly community there (as you can here on the Forum). Group and 1:1 chats are possible, and there are groups where you can chat/ engage in particular interests in Welsh too, from singing to gardening to word games, in addition to general chat. The postcard club also has a channel there

While started via SSiW, Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg (CCPC) is now run separately (and voluntarily), with over 275 members across the world. The special thing about CCPC is that whatever message you write on the postcards you send, you write it in Welsh. Members range from fairly new learners to first language Welsh speakers - we all just enjoy sending and receiving postcards in Welsh. Some members have found people ‘nearby’ that they now chat/write to regularly through the club - if you’d like to know more, contact Nia at nia@saysomethingin.com.


Amazing information on some stuff already going on, I have enquired with the WSP and postcard club to get me started :slight_smile: thank you!


I would like to join the postcard club. I emailed Nia but have not received a reply. I was wondering if the club is not taking on new members at the moment?

Hi @lornajoydavies ! You would be most welcome to join! The email address to join is cardiaupost at gmail.com Please remember that the clwb is run by a very small group of volunteers who do their best but you may need to be patient :slight_smile:

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