Welsh speaking cafe's/restaurents Yr Wyddgrug (Mold)

I’m meeting up with an old friend in Mold tomorrow as its half way between where we both live. Does anyone know if there are any cafe’s/restaurants where we can meet for lunch that are welsh speaking?

I don’t know myself (long time since I’ve been to Mold), but I’ve asked a friend of mine there via facebook - if she gets back to me in time I’ll let you know.

She says not one that’s totally Cymraeg, but there’s a lot of independents with Welsh speaking staff - Alexander at the top of the high street has welsh speaking staff and the owner is a learner. Y Baedd Bach on the cross perhaps (they have renamed with a welsh name anyway), Caffi latte is a new one with a welsh essence but she hasn’t been there yet herself.

Diolch Siaron, I’ll try those and will report back :grinning:


Hi. If you find anywhere that’s a good bet to get some practice in, can you add it to the list at www.byw.cymru? I’m trying to build up a directory of sorts for just this sort of thing.

Pob lwc


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Don’t go on a Monday! Most things were closed. Went to Y Baedd Bach for lunch disappointing they don’t speak Welsh! Or at least the staff there at the time didn’t . There was a lovely wool shop but like a lot of the independents it was closed as was at Mary’s church. We went to the museum upstairs in the library but the library staff didn’t speak welsh. Perhaps I was just unlucky the day we were there. Y Baedd Bach is owned by the pub the Fat Boar

Ah well, we tried!

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Its been a while since I’ve been there but Menter Iaith use to hold their meetings in Y Pentan, which is a pub. Maybe worth a try.

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