Welsh speakers or learners in Madrid

Shwmae, bawb!

I’ve been learning Welsh for a couple of years now (quite slowly and online, in a class through the dysgucymraeg website).
Living in Madrid, I’m sure there must be other learners or speakers around, so if any of you see this (or know someone who fits the bill), please, make your presence known!

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Haia @Carles!

I haven’t heard of anyone else in Madrid, but I live in the Basque Country and so does Bob (@robert-john-summers) plus another Welsh-speaking friend, so if you ever fancy a holiday in the north :slight_smile:

Do you get to Madrid sometimes @robert-john-summers ?

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I might take you up on that next time I go for a trip in Euskal Herria!

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Shw’mae! Sorry, dw i’n byw yn Berlin.

Ond dw i wedi trefnu grwp o dysgwyr/ siaradwyr yma…

You’re right, they’re out there somewhere! I used SSiW forum, reddit, Facebook (and posted on the expat groups/ Welsh language groups), Instagram. Also set up a group on MeetUp… had to pay for that. Think it helped though. I left a couple of stickers around the place. Got there in the end… we’re having our third meet up tomorrow :grinning: Should be about 10 of us.

Have been doing dysgucymraeg too… and really like it :+1:

Pob lwc!


That is truly amazing! And some great tips for @Carles!

I would definitely look at making a trip to Madrid every now and then if a little group were to get off the ground there.

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