Welsh speaker listening to my reading in exchange of help in another languages?

I am quite new to studying Gymraeg. I might use different approaches but at the moment it’s important to me to be able to read and pronounce words correctly, even if I do not understand all.
Is there anyone here who wants to meet up on Zoom, etc or simple phone calls (on my costs) that is willing to listen to my readings (book, newspaper, etc) and correcting me and in exchange is happy to receive any help whilst learning another language? I can provide German, Italien, French, Indonesian…
Or would it be a good option to contact an University or language school in Wales for that matter?
I am currently located in Bern, Switzerland.
Thank you for any suggestions.


Hello, Francesco.
Eris here. Even though I am from Mississippi, I speak Welsh (and French… although I think in Welsh when speaking French which makes things interesting… lol). I would be more than happy to help with your pronunciation practice. I mostly speak north Walean but can use “standard” pronunciation.

Francesco, I’d be happy to help and speak fluent Welsh. I’m interested in learning some Italian as I have relatives in Rome! My email is jonathan_simcock@yahoo.com

Hello. Jen here. I would be happy to help! Do you use Whatsapp? I use it to call my Swiss friend and German friend for free. I am beginner / intermediate in German and glad to help. Just private-message me or reply here if interested. Danke!