Welsh See, Say and Repeat


I’m hoping someone can help or advise.

When I signed up for the free trial, whenever I started a lesson, Aran would say what was to be said in English, it would be written on the screen, then it was for me to say what I saw in Cymraeg as a timer run down, then a woman would say it in Cymraeg followed by Aran.

Now it seems since I paid subscription, I don’t get that anymore, each lesson the English sentence is spoken and then I’ve got to remember what was said and try and repeat in Cymraeg before the timer runs out.

I really liked it with the English on the screen, I was really flying along, now I’m finding myself stumbling to remember what the English sentence was for me to then translate into Cymraeg, so I’m missing words and getting in a mess, prior to to this I’d managed to get to level 5, now I’m struggling to get through level 1 and 2 without completely missing stuff.

Is this just how it is, or is there a setting that I can’t seem to find that needs to be changed? I haven’t changed anything, literally my trail ran out, I then paid subscription and its now no longer there.

Was the trial you tried called ‘AutoMagic’?
If so, this is a new version of the course (still in Beta mode I think), and what may have happened is that on subscription you’ve been taken to the standard course material which is audio only (which is a very effective way of learning but very different to the visual style of learning that many are familiar with, so it does take a bit of getting used to.)

With a subscription you should still be able to access the rest of the AutoMagic course by clicking on the arrow by ‘Learn’ in the top right of the forum page and choosing AutoMagic from the drop-down menu.

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Thank you, I think your right, it was actually the automagic I was using prior to subscribing.

I’ve found it again now and it works. I quite like that format as I’m able to visually see the English, then see the Cymraeg in my minds eye and repeat in Cymraeg.

Welsh was compulsory in my school back in the 80’s, so I could speak very well, but then I moved to Germany and learnt other languages and forgot mine, I started to learn southern recently (but it’s very different to what I was taught in school) moved onto northern as that’s where I’m going to be spending considerable time.

Which dialect are you/ have you learnt?


I was in South Wales when I started learning so began with Southern, but then I moved to the North, then to the middle, then back to the North, so now speak more of the Northern form (but the odd Southern word still squeezes in now and then :wink: )

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Haha I like it, I mountaineer so I’m always travelling around the regions, originally born in the South, but forces life has seen me land in Ascot, I’m desperate to move to Powys or Snowdonia, just come back from 14 days hiking Snowdon.


Sometimes I think choosing between North and South is the hardest part of SSiW :joy:.

Absolutely agreed.

All my family live in south but I won’t ever live there again, it would be nice to converse when there but North is where I’m wanting to work and live, so learning now might give the universe the kick up the backside to help me move there :joy:

The places I go in Wales are just either side of that nice, clean, imaginary North/South divide.

If the universe wants to do something like that for me, it is welcome, too.

I know the line well :grin:

I’m spending a lot of time in Abergavenny, Brecon, Presteigne and Dolgellau, all perfect locations to get to mountains