Welsh Santa

I have taken a somewhat unorthodox avenue on my learner’s journey. Namely, agreeing to be Sion Corn at my daughter’s Welsh language nursery next week.

I’m probably going to confuse the children and amuse the adults in equal measure with my language skills.

To help me minimise the hilarity, could I have some suggestions for ‘go to’ expressions for a Welsh Santa?

Otherwise, I’ll just rely on the disguise so the ridicule doesn’t follow me beyond the grotto :slight_smile:


The Welsh for ho, ho, ho appears to be hô, hô, hô, so you’re in luck there. :wink:


Superb work, sir!


‘Beth wyt ti isio fel anrheg Nadolig?’

‘Dwed hynna eto’ (kids are bloody hard to understand at the best of times)

‘Gawn ni weld’ (they’ll all know that means ‘fat chance’!)

‘Bydda i’n gofyn i Sian Corn’…


Fantastic. You’ve always got the excuse that the Lapland Welsh dialect is quite different to that in Wales.

Whenever you struggle just go for the “Ho Ho Ho, Nadolig Llawen, Nadolig Llawen, Ho Ho Ho” that has saved many a Santa over the years,