Welsh rarebit?

Anyone got a tried and tested Welsh rarebit recipe? We’re having a few friends for farewell drinks on Saturday. I thought I’d do a Welsh themed supper. :slight_smile:

Maybe even cawl or selsig morgannwg?

I’ve always like Delia’s

The more mature the cheddar, the better. Though how traditional this recipe is I don’t know!

A vegetarian coffee shop called Hunky Dory’s in Casnewydd did a great Welsh rarebit - their secret was to use two thick slices of brown toast, both buttered, and then top that with the rarebit. They offered optional extras, such as topping with garlic mushrooms - pretty sure that bit was non traditional though!


This is a Welsh Rarebit often enjoyed by myself and my guests. It’s by the Hairy Bikers (2 honorary Welshmen) http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/welsh_rarebit_05821.pdf

If I want to do an interesting main dish with the Welsh ingredients of lamb, honey, cider, I prepare Cig Oen a Mel from “Taste of Wales”
This cooks very well in a slow cooker/mijoteuse.

Cymer ofal! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_of_the_Rarebit_Fiend


Wna i gad i chi wybod os breuddwydio ofnadwy yn dod!

Diolch pawb! I made Welsh rarebit for work once but doubling the recipe made the beer taste too strong. Out of interest, what strong beer would you recommend? Guinness?

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Something quite dark and bitter from a craft brewery. Or Rev James if you can get hold of it and don’t mind cooking with it!


I migh struggle to get a Reverend James. And you’re right. It would be a sin to cook with it. :slight_smile:

Toohey’s Old or James Squire Porter would be very acceptable substitutes. :smile:

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New England Brown Ale is ideal!

I will take this list to the shop tomorrow.