Welsh Place Names 2

(Not wanting to but in on any of the similarly titled threads).
There seems to be fair bit on at the moment about anglicisation of place names. I can understand the concern.

Fortunately I don’t notice it happening much in the SW Wales area, but I could be wrong. If anything it seems to be going more towards the Cymraeg, which I love.

Apart from new streets, with bilingual signs, most streets just seem to keep their original name, whether it was English or Welsh. There’s the odd strange one like a street in our village by the name of Pen yr Alley Avenue. Sort of starting in Welsh and then drifting into English.

I loved Tommo’s (I think it was him) recent comment on Llanelli, when he said something like: No pretentious signs, just Cymraeg.

Further afield, the other Llanelli, Llanelley Hill near Brynmawr, (pronounced Llanelli) has changed it’s spelling back to Welsh. Also, Saddleback in the Lake District, changed to Blencathra a good while ago.

Any (nice) thoughts?

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