Welsh picture dictionary recommendations requested

I was thinking today of how to expand my vocabulary in certain topics such as food (e.g. what’s “spinach” in Welsh?) - and I thought that a picture dictionary (where words are typically grouped by topic) would be helpful.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Welsh picture dictionaries?

Ideally something that is not limited to “cat, chair, bed”, so something aimed at slightly older children than (say) 5-year-olds. (Or, ideally, adult learners.)

Some I’ve seen that look interesting are:

  • Welsh-English Picture Dictionary (Rily: Louise Millar, Catherine Bruzzone)
  • Oxford Children’s Welsh-English Visual Dictionary
  • Geiriau Bob Dydd / Children’s Picture Dictionary (Roger Boore)
  • Geiriadur Lluniau i Blant (Menna Wyn)
  • My First 1000 Words in Welsh (Sam Hutchinson)
  • Y Geiriadur Lliwgar (Heather Amery)
  • 1000 Gair Cyntaf Sali Mali (Haf Llewelyn)

…but I don’t really want to buy all of them at once!

So I thought I’d ask what people’s favourite ones are or which one’s they’ve had good experiences with? Which ones have a good number of useful words?

(I’d prefer ones using North Wales-leaning vocabulary, e.g. llefrith + hogyn rather than llaeth + bachgen, but I imagine I’ll have to take what I can get – I could well imagine that most “general” dictionaries will be “optimised” for the South with its higher population.)

There is a facebook page which is great for this - might tide you over for the time being?
This is the link to the photo page:



Sorry can’t help with real question!

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And, following on from yesterday, kale is bresych deiliog.

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Gweiadur suggests the more prosaic cêl, I have since found :slight_smile:

I LOVE Cymraeg Welsh’s vocabulary pictures, @siaronjames! Every once in a while, I go into their Facebook page and save a bunch of new ones to my computer’s wallpaper folder. I set my two monitors to auto-update the wallpaper randomly every half hour; so, I get 16 new vocab reminders in the background of my work in a work day. :slight_smile: