Welsh phrases you may come across on this forum

I always thought bach was used as another way of saying love in this context rather than dear?
So does it mean either of those?
ie. Annie bach could mean Annie dear or Annie love?
I frequently use ‘love’ in English this way.
Ok love
See you later love
Thank you love
Commonly said in West London where I grew up

I would say Annie fach (gender) … calling a woman bach is a risky business haha

Yes…it means … “Little Annie” but at the same time “Annie beloved” “annie dear”

“Mam fach” = my dear mother
“O mam bach” = I have heard used as an exclamation when people are in pain… e.g. a hammer hitting your thumb :smiley:
Clever nuance hey?
Side fact: Blodyn tatws was a traditional way of calling a girlfriend or daughter your
‘dearest’ (f’ annwylyd)

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That’s great, thank you Brynie, I understand now. :grin: Sometimes I am a bit slow :rofl:

I didnt really give a clear answer with your first question! … yes in context …bach = small OR beloved…even little one

One pitfall
Tŷ bach = little house…but it means outhouse / outside lavatory
Tŷ bychan = small house you live in!
(Tai bychain - small houses … in older welsh…adjectives had plurals :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thank you. I appreciate your humour too :hugs:

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Mae’n bleser gen i / It’s my pleasure!

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