Welsh Passport!

I’ve recently received my new UK passport. Thanks to SSiW, as a new Welsh speaker, I of course applied online through the medium of Welsh.
As the form was in Cymraeg, when it asked for my place of birth I put Bryste, Cymraeg for Bristol. It says Bryste on my passport, I have a Welsh passport!


I’ve just checked on gov.uk:
“We cannot record a place of birth in Welsh if the place of birth is outside of Wales”
Somehow I’ve slipped through the cracks. Hopefully all will be fine for my next trip.


haha - they may like to think that, but it happens! Mine says Caerloyw :wink:


That was brave! I’ve just had to apply for my child’s passport and I toyed with doing it in Welsh but in the end didn’t dare in case I misunderstood something important. Maybe I’ll be braver next time.

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Mine says pont y pwl (it’s an eu one ) and when coming into Bristol I was held up but customs. when I asked what the problem was the officer said he was born in pont y pwl and never knew he could have his birth place in Welsh

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