Welsh palindromes?

An idea which came to me to while away an hour or two was to try to think up a sentence which is a palindrome in Cymraeg - after much whiling though I’ve failed miserably :disappointed: , even when assuming that the letters ch, ng, rh & th are separate letters when read backwards. Does anyone know of any? Or can any of you come up with one of your own? :slightly_smiling_face:

Lladd dafad ddall: to kill a blind sheep.

Could be the title of a Welsh Noir detective novel, maybe?


Da iawn!

By coincidence, the Merched y Wawr Facebook group posted this picture from an old issue of their magazine Y Wawr.

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Brilliant! Diolch yn fawr :slightly_smiling_face:

Inspired by ‘Madam I’m Adam’, and with apologies to any Dianes on here:

Enaid ffrog ydy dy gorff, Diane - Your body is a frock’s soul, Diane.

A bit surreal, I know :slight_smile: