Welsh Onomatopoeia

O helo…

I was interested in the onomatopoeic words we use to describe animal noises. :smile: There used to be a thread on the old forum about these that I really loved, but I have forgotten them all and there seems to be few other sources online outside of “soch soch” (oink oink). It’s fun trivia to compare languages, and also to tease the cat, miaw.

Some sounds suggested by users at maes-e.com and extras I rooted up (not all are heavily accurate, my cymraeg is well rusty):

linc-di-lonc - sound of footsteps
bwrlwm - buzz/hum/mumble
roch - grunt
wff-wff - dog barking
soch soch - pig oinking
mê - sheep baa
cwac - duck quacking
crawc - frog croak
miaw - cat meow
mŵ - cow moo (of course)
wibli wobli - jellyfish :wink:

and fond memories of Iestyn and others’ giraffes.

anyone have more? I know there are several informative children’s books on the subject (Siarad Fferm stands out) but I am in Australia again now and postage makes them inaccessible in my income bracket!