Welsh - north v south?

I’m just about to start learning Welsh, but I’m confused about where the approximate geographical cut off between north and south Welsh happens?

Only asking as want to choose the right option.


Ultimately there is no right or wrong. There are a few minor differences between North and South, but Welsh is Welsh.
For a very broad guideline, Aberystwyth is about in the middle.

A few caveats to this, I think.

Firstly, the border areas are a lot more fuzzy, secondly, people are a lot more mobile these days, so you’'l find all sorts of Welsh in places like Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor, and lastly, for individual words, the borders may be very different. Llaeth (milk), for example is common right across Wales aside from the far north west despite Llefrith being accepted as the standard northern word.

So in broad terms, somewhere along the line of Welshpool to Machynlleth, I wouldn’t go too wrong with the north option.

What Rob said. I started off in the North (family…) then moved south and carried on learning. I still use gog-isms and. apart from some friendly leg-pulling, It’s not a problem. I think people get much more exposure to other accents and dialects now thanks to S4C and Radio Cymru as well. You may find one sounds more natural to you - if so go with that, but it doesn’t really matter.

Wikipedia - clear, authoritative and unambiguous, I think we can all agree… :+1:

boundary ns

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Caffi Cletwr claims this too, I think.

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The FFarmers has a nice (though somewhat faded last time I was there) helpful line on the floor, so you can stand with one foot in Gog and the other in Hwntw!!