Welsh National Eisteddfod Bae Caerdydd/Cardiff Bay 3 - 11/08/2018

So, this year’s National Eisteddfod in Bodedern on Ynys Mon is now over and I know, yet again that many of you have had a fabulous time, making memories and soaking up some wonderful language and culture.

Next year’s National Eisteddfod will be in Cardiff Bay. So there won’t be a traditional Maes. But the organisers are promising an interesting and quality festival that won’t disappoint. No doubt it will look and feel very different, but visiting will still be a fun and rewarding experience.

Here’s what the Eisteddfod have to say about next year…

As always, every year, I raise the question of accommodation. There have been years where learners have come together to share accommodation for the Eisteddfod week, created their own mini Bootcamp experience and had a wonderful time in the process. Next year some of you may find attending tricky as there won’t be a campsite next to the proposed Maes. So a house share could be a fun and interesting thing to do.

If you are thinking of a house share for next year’s Eisteddfod then please note that usually all the best large self catering houses get booked up pretty quickly. Large companies and organisations attending the Eisteddfod usually book accommodation for next year as soon as the dates are available on independent booking pages.

If any of you are thinking of organising this, I would suggest getting interested individuals to either pay a deposit, or their share in full as soon as possible. This will save you from being worryingly ‘out of pocket’ should anyone pull out in the few weeks before the festival.

Looking for houses that have twin rooms or rooms with bunks means that you will be able to fit more people in than in houses with only double beds. Some houses will also offer sofa beds and extra camp beds which are always useful, and if there’s a garden you may be able to get away with sticking a tent in there as well!

I’ve done some initial research and found some places which may be of interest. They look expensive at first glance, but with up to 20 sharing the price suddenly becomes very reasonable…



http://www.bestofwales.co.uk/self-catering-holiday-cottages-south-wales-cardiff-townhouse-486599[poll public=true]

  • Definitely interested in a SSiW Eisteddfod House Share
  • Maybe interested in a SSiW Eisteddfod House Share

We’ll be hiring somewhere to stay in the south during Eisteddfod week but it won’t be anywhere near as big as them.

Also, as an aside, it may be easier to organise a wee bit of a (more organised) gathering one day in Cardiff next year. Who would be up for that?


We can take two couples or 2 singles. We live in Treganna which is about 30-35 minute walk from the Bay. 25 minutes from the stadium and Castle.

Provisionally I’m reserving one slot for @Ben from Chicago. He has first refusal.

We’d be happy to have a family of four (Jones?). Both Emma and I have worked (or work) with kids.

As it’s a whole week we’d appreciate a small contribution but we can agree that between ourselves, it wouldn’t be much at all, it will be less than most places on air Bnb will be :slight_smile:


I’ll get it sorted, @gruntius . Dim problem o gwbl. We are (at the moment) planning a week in Cardiff for the Eisteddfod week and am more than happy to organise this. :slight_smile:

That is a very generous offer @AnthonyCusack! Diolch yn fawr iawn for thinking of us. :slight_smile:

At the moment we are negotiating a week at the Eisteddfod with my brother and his two girls and have our sights set on self catering property which would accommodate all of us together. We’re thinking of making it a weeks holiday as in previous years and making the most of the area. :wink:


Gwych, thank you. I wasn’t expecting you, or indeed hinting towards you putting your hand up for this, even if you are the official SSi events organiser. :slight_smile: Unless it turns into something bigger all that is really needed is a time and date when the majority of people are available and publishing a place to meet so we can all eat and chat. With this being in Cardiff it makes it even easier if this is a butty overlooking the bay or a restaurant with a big table. If it’s the former it needn’t be arranged until a few days before.


This is exactly what I had in mind. Who knows if there will be an official Eisteddfod ‘lle bwyd’ as there has been in the past? I suspect not really as there are so many restaurants in the area? But there may be some street vendors around. When we have a better picture of the nature of next year’s event, then we can start planning. :wink:


Superb. We’re going to book a place to stay for a week but will (probably) only be in the Eisteddfod for a day so that day will be when the largest amount of SSiWers are about. That, in the past, has usually been the Thursday but we’ll see.

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There was an item on Radio Cymru towards the end of last week discussing the ‘maes’ for next year. Some of the suggestions from the Eisteddfod CEO were:

  • No Platiad or Tamaid - enough restaurants in Cardiff Bay already
  • There would probably be a Lle Bwyd as the Eisteddfod CEO thinks some of the stalls are better than Cardiff restaurants.
  • Maes C will be in Pontanna Fields
  • Options for shuttle buses will be looked at and local bus companies will be encouraged to increase services and/or provide reduced price tickets or some sort of season ticket for the duration of the Eisteddfod.

Interestingly, the last time the Eisteddfod was in Cardiff (Pontcanna Fields), the free park and ride was not used as much as expected, so they might decide not to have one next year.

Nothing was confirmed, but plenty of food for thought.


From the map of Cardiff that was on the Maes at Bodedern (just between the Canolfan Croeso and Maes D) it looked like they had sketched in the Llwyfan Perfformio (with associated food area) for Plas Roald Dahl and the Maes Carafannau for, as SJ says, Pontcanna fields.
Also, the Millennium Centre will be the Pafiliwn, the Lle Celf will be inside the Senedd (the Urdd Eisteddfod did this last time it was in Cardiff) and it seems that the Gorsedd circle will be floating on a pontoon in the Bay!
No word yet on Maes B. The university was used for the gigs last time around, with camping next to the Maes Carafannau.


Me! I’m aiming to be there for the eisteddfod


I’ve added a poll to the first message in this thread. If you’re going to the Eisteddfod and would go as far as considering a SSiW house share for the week, then please could you answer the poll? Diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile:


Wwps, I was just being nosey and managed to tick a box by mistake! I don’t think you can un-vote. Either just ignore me, or add a field for lembos / change of mind… Sorry!


There was a lot about that on TV. I thought at first it was a joke, but it seems not. I guess the stones are not actual rocks but fibreglass and not heavy, so it can work. It surely will have to be connected to the land as ferrying all the Gorsedd over in boats would be a bit of a bother! I look forward to seeing this on TV. It will likely exist before Abertawe gets any glimmers of the beginning of the tidal lagoon!

Me! I’m planning to come and will be staying with Anne and Math yn y Bont Faen.


I will be having the second half of the week off.

I’ll probably travel back and forth on the weekend days next year rather than camp as it’s relatively close.

I’ll be staying with @ali and Phil in their flat in the heart of the action in Cardiff Bay! I’m looking forward to it already :smile:


Gareth and I have accommodation booked in the Bay for the Tuesday - Saturday. Looking forward to being across the road from the Pavillion. :slight_smile:

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The jury’s still out, but we may not be there after all, we’ll see how it goes. The summer seems to be filling up with all sorts of challenges and exciting events. Aran is off to the states in the second half of August and otherwise we may have building work going on at the house in the form of a conservatory and an utility porch - for which we don’t have a strict timetable yet. But maybe a weekender is still possible? We’ll keep you posted. :wink:


Are you attending the Welsh National Eisteddfod this year in Cardiff Bay? Would you like to get involved by volunteering for a few hours during the week?

Here’s a link with all the information you will need -