Welsh names for astronomical objects

Just come across this site whilst working and wanted to share it for those who maybe hadn’t found it - fascinating for those interested in vocab as well as astronomy! :smiley:



Ooh, good find! I have to remembeer that what people in Britain call “the Plough” is what we call the Big Dipper (and Ursa Minor is the Little Dipper here). I particualrly like “Y Ffordd Wen” for the Milky Way. It’s the same thing really - a white road of sorts.

Thanks Siaron!


Not too different from y Sospan, which is what it’s called in our house. :slight_smile:

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I did notice that one in the list of names and thought the same thing. Good for you!

I like “Y tri brenin” for Orion’s belt. More of a story there I reckon.

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