Welsh Musicians

Hey guys, does anyone know of any bands that sing consistently in Welsh? All of the searches I’ve done come up with Welsh bands that sing in English, usually exclusively. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Shwmae Andrew,

There are many bands that sing in Welsh, some exclusively, others also have English songs, or English versions of their Welsh songs.

It depends what kind of music you are into though…

If it’s the pop/rock genre, and you have access to Radio Cymru, listen to C2 from 7pm weekdays, where many of these Welsh artists can be heard, even new ones introduced. Lisa Gwylim’s show on Wednesday nights is particularly good for this.

Bands/artists I could mention now (that I listen to) are:
Sŵnami, Yr Eira, Y Reu, Candelas, Mattoidz, Violas, Gwenno (Saunders), Y Trŵbz and Sen Segur - offering completely Welsh songs

Kizzy Crawford offers songs in Welsh and English, some bilingual, and Trwbador, although this group mainly write English songs, there are some Welsh language tracks in their albums.

If you’re into hip hop, you might find Mr Phormula a good listen.

Also, Cerys Matthews (formerly from Catatonia), Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals, who also have an album entirely in Welsh), and many others are worth a look at.

Hope this helps get you started in finding more Welsh musicians.

Also, check out the thread on this very forum on Welsh Music, where members (mainly @robbruce !) add videos/sounds from YouTube or Soundcloud to Welsh music they have discovered. Click this link to take you straight to the thread!



This resource is quite useful as there are links to recordings, so you can check out who you might like: http://welshmusic-cerddoriaethcymraeg.tumblr.com/Cantorion-Singers-Bands

I’m really enjoying Anweledig at the moment!


Bob Delyn A’r Ebillion - consistently in Welsh with a bit of Breton from time to time!

(or as Amazon would have it - “Bob Delyn Arebillion” !!! ggggrrrrrr !)


There were some good threads on our old old forum.

Here’s one: http://old.saysomethingin.com/welsh/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4910

And another - this music video thread has 79 odd pages, so should be plenty to get on with…: http://old.saysomethingin.com/welsh/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=839