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Ymddiheuriadau am y sgrwtsh/ Apologies for the spam

But this song is very appropiate for this gorgeous tywydd (weather!)

Its deliberately a mix of English and Welsh

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I had an email from Sain this week and Calan have released a new album, so I’d be surprised if they’d disbanded. I think they just like to follow individual interests sometimes, but I could be wrong. Kân is one of my favourite Calan songs, and I’m definitely going to buy the album!


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Calan are on their ten year anniversary tour and appear to be doing the new group as well.

Like everyone else has said, nope, they’re still together. There are lots of members from lots of different bands :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s on the forum already or not, but I have been listening to these every day this week. Anelog (named after the village not the type of synthesizers!) are quite hard to pin down, sort of electronicy/synth/retro/pop etc, but either way I like it:

Just wish these bands could press their stuff on record, but it’s obviously very expensive!

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I’m not going to bore you all with Urdd Eisteddfod tales, so I’m just going to leave these here.

When we first invited the Urdd Eisteddfod to come to Brecon and Radnorshire the Urdd arranged for the local Welsh schools to work with a poet in order to write a song inviting the young people of Wales to come and compete at Llanelwedd in the middle of our counties. It was first performed by an ensemble of Builth High School pupils at the end of last year’s eisteddfod in Bridgend, but by then it was already pencilled in to be one of the set choral pieces for this year. I think this is an absolutely wonderful song and it literally brings tears to my eyes when I hear it.

And, boy, did the Year 7,8,9 choirs do it justice at our eisteddfod! I was stewarding during the prelims in the Choral Hall and the standard of entries was absolutely top class The following competition was actually delayed because the adjudicators were having such a hard time trying to decide who to send through to the pavilion stage!

Eventually, the competition was won by Ysgog Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg with this performance on the stage:

And that is absolutely lovely, but do you know what? I think the choir that came second got… whatever cael cam is in English (suffered an injustice?)
Judge for yourselves - this is Ysgol Bro Teifi, Llandysul:

Whatever, I’m extremely proud of our song and the effort that the young people of Wales put into performing it.


Hmmm … obviously the jury (or whoever decides who to win and loose) was very picky and demanding because they have heard every single slidest disharmony and out of rhythm thingy. I hope you’re not angry at me but I’ve listened very carefully to both performances and the winner was justifyingly the winner though although for really very tiny thingys which were probably the deciders.

I love the song and both performances though. However if my heart would choose, I’d go for the second one for the simple fact that they’re from Teifi & Llandysul (if you know what I mean :slight_smile: ) .

Haha! Not angry, of course not! I think you have spotted some tiny technical differences, but I’m a rock and roll kind of guy and I put a lot of value on guts and feeling: On that measure, Bro Teifi are clearly the winners in my view.

Yup. I know exactly what you mean. :laughing:


BTW, I completely and utterly failed to mention that the name of the song is Dewch yn Dyrfa Lon (something like come in a joyful throng) and the poet that assembled the ideas of the children into the words was John Meurig Edwards.

I remember this was the last song I heard before BBC Cymru lost its music licenses…have they come back fully now?

Double ‘A’

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This is just great!!! It’s just what I was looking for!! Diolch yn fawr iawn!!

I don’t think this song has been shared in here before - “Os wyt ti’n gofyn i mi” by the lovely Meinir Gwilym performed live on Noson Lawen 2013.

I think I can understand about a third of the lyrics by now, but I am working on it. :slight_smile:


Very political song but very good.


A very intelligent and sadly under-seen lyric video

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Quick query – heard something earlier today on Bore Cothi which I’ve heard before, but didn’t catch what it was, and the listing on Radio Cymru which in theory showed me the last bit of music played was showing something entirely different.
Somewhat Pink Floydy, repeated lyrics “aros am eiliad” and “gwir gyda’r gwaed”. Any ideas?