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I have studied Welsh as a hobby for some time now. I decided to pursue some Welsh music to help practice listening to the language, and I’m really heavy into Ffa Coffi Pawb (I know what that means, please don’t get upset), Datblygu, Pop Negatif Wastad, and I’m keen to dig further into the Ankst and Anrheg catalogues. What I really think would help is if I could get hold of printed lyrics (in Welsh), specifically the FCP songs on Am Byth. If by chance you have a copy of Hei Vidal, or any of their other albums that you’d be willing to share with me, I would certainly appreciate it. They’re hard to get hold of in the states, and due to weird licensing issues they’re not all available for streaming. I’m lucky to have access to a greatest hits collection. I would also like to acquire lyrics for Datblygu. I understand that there was a CD reissue with Libertino and two other albums on it with full Welsh lyrics in the liner notes. Also, if you happen to know of anyone in Portland, Oregon that I could ymarfer fy Nghymraeg with, that would be incredibly useful. To summarize: if you’ve got old cassette or CD copies of Ffa Coffi Pawb or Datblygu albums with printed lyrics in the liner notes, and would be willing to scan and share, I would be eternally grateful. If you know any other weirdos in Portland learning Welsh, I would love to be able to practice with someone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to torturing my girlfriend with my poorly played rendition of “Sega Segur”. Thank you!

  • Daniel Barone

Hi Daniel, I can’t help directly with any of that, but I’m tagging our resident Datblygu superfan @gisella-albertini in case she can help.

Have you joined the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack? There are people from all over the world to chat to and even a specific “Americas” channel to help combat time zone mis-matches. If you haven’t, just ask for an invite from admin@saysomethingin.com . :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel, nice to meet you!

I can’t help you with Ffa Coffi Pawb and Pop Negatif Wastad (which I do like myself by the way!).

But for Datblygu, one link right away to get you started same way I started learning Welsh :grin:. Click on more images and you’ll get an image with the original typewritten lyrics!

For Wyau, Pyst, and Libertino lyrics send me a private message and I’ll be able to send you something. :wink:

For Cwm Gwagle, and other songs I:m working on transcriptions, but it will take some time!:smiley:

However since @siaronjames mentioned Welsh speaking practise group, I’ve been meeting other Datblygu (and those labels kinda stuff) fans around the web, and planning an on line chat to practise some Datblyguan Welsh together. :sunglasses:
If you want to be invited let me know!


First of all, thank you for the link. I have tried trawling the depths of discogs, but it is hit and miss, and I appreciate you sharing one of the hits with me. I’ve already snagged those JPEGs and I’ll get to them in time. As for sending a private message for the other stuff, I can’t figure out how to do that on this forum (I am, sadly, rather lacking in tech-prowess). Is it weird to leave an email address in a reply? Or can private messaging be explained to me? Gallwn i ddysgu Cymraeg, ond dw i ddim yn defnyddio cyfrifriadur yn dda iawn…
In return, here’s link to where I got a scan from the liner notes of Hei Vidalhttps://cosmictriggerclub.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/ffa-coffi-pawb-hei-vidal-lyric-sheet-from-ankstmusik-archives/
Diolch! Diolch! Diolch!

Daniel Barone

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It’s best not to leave email addresses in replies because this forum can be seen publicly. To send a direct/private message, click on Gisella’s picture and then click the blue ‘message’ button - anything you post in the box that opens can only then be seen by you and Gisella. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying and nice to meet you. I don’t have much experience with Slack, but it’s worth a shot. It might help, as I tend to be a disorganized mess anyway. I haven’t made great use of SSiW other than downloading all of the lessons from the old Gwrs 1 (PS - I luv Aran and Cat). I don’t want to put anyone’s nose out of joint, but I’ve been a lot more active on duolingo the past couple of years. I’m at the point where I still can’t speak very well, but I’ve learned past, present, future, perfect and imperfect constructs, and the irregulars. Basically, I know that I ought to be listening in Welsh more and trying to speak if I want to actually learn the language. So, I’m checking back in here at SSiW to find that there’s a lot useful interaction going on. Disorganized as I am, it might take me a bit to get into the SSiW groove, but I’ll start by seeing if I can navigate that Slack group.
Thank you for introducing me to a Datblygu super-fan. Music is my thing, so I’m really hoping that I can use it to help me develop (no pun intended) my listening. Also, I see your reply to my messaging question. Swper! I really appreciate it.
Daniel Barone

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Hi Barone! I can’t help you with your particular enquiry I’m afraid, but if you want to delve further in to the world of Welsh music, then the following thread is a great resource -

@robbruce is a long time and prolific contributor to this thread and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the SRG/WRS (Sîn Roc Gymraeg / Welsh Rock Scene).

This following thread about lyrics in particular may also interest you -

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This is available on Ffarout’s youtube channel

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Also Clymhalio -

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And Dalec Peilon

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I believe Daniel is looking for the printed lyrics that maybe came along with the cassettes or CDs?

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Thanks for chiming in with that useful tidbit! I’ll take the opportunity to ymlacio mewn y lolfa when I can. Looking forward to what I find!

Thanks for this. I’m aware of the FCP videos up on youtube, and I don’t take them for granted at all. Of course, I would love to get a copy that I don’t have to be online to listen to. Rare LP’s are probably priced through the roof, but even digital downloads of the proper albums are hard to find (probably due to licensing weirdness). I can get Am Byth, which is a great introduction to FCP, but I hope to get the proper albums too. And as Gisella points out in her reply below, I am hoping to find anyone who has the old LP or cassette and would be willing to scan the liner notes so I can read the lyrics. All of this is pretty ambitious and could take a while. Like, possibly even longer than it will take me to learn Cymraeg… HA. Anyway, I really appreciate you pointing me towards Ffarout and Dalec Peilon. I can just search them when I go to youtube now.

Thanks for your reply!

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Thanks, Gisella!

@DanielBarone Are these links any help? I can’t guarantee their accuracy!




Hi Daniel,
Both Clymhalio and Dalec Peilon were cassette-only releases. I’m not sure what your experience is, but mine is that a lot of cassettes from around that time are unplayable by now due to degradation. I certainly wouldn’t chance buying a copy without being able to hear it first, even if one became available. And because of the Super Furries connection and the limited number originally released, this things are very rare and very collectable.
Hei Vidal! did have a CD version. There’s one currently for sale on Discogs:

For that price, you’d think they’d throw in a new jewel case, wouldn’t you?
By the way, Discogs does have cover scans (which are very interesting), but lyric sheets were not included in the original releases as far as I’m aware.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll follow the bread crumb trail in a bit to see what lies at the end. I’ve tried googling lyrics sights, and had maybe one hit thus far. Anyway, I guess we’ll soon find out if these are at all accurate when we listen and read. Much appreciated!

I suppose it’s hard enough anywhere cultivate obscure tastes. Here in the States, it gets a bit more difficult if it’s not in English. Meanwhile, you can always find a copy of In Through the Out Door at the second-hand shop for $1. But who needs that? I think I might not have fully realized the rarity of these albums. But the obscurity is part of the interest. Mostly, I just want to listen to band I like to help me learn Welsh. Thanks for your insight!

Shumae Daniel
Dw i’n byw yn USA hyfryd hefyd!
Mae’n anodd am cwrdd a rhwyun sy’n gwybod Ffa Coffi Pawb.
Ti’n ddim unig :slight_smile:

Ond beth amdani Bron-y-aur? :wink: