Welsh lyrics to 'Let It Go' from Frozen

Eisteddfod competitors across the nation rejoice as someone does the inevitable and puts Welsh lyrics to ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen. :slight_smile:

That is perfectly lovely. I’d love to have that young lady get into a studio and do a finished recording of that.

Both Angharad Lliar and Beuno Llyn are absolutely and completely Frozen obsessed ever since we saw the movie in the cinema last Christmas Eve.

I live with ‘Let it Go’ every single day - in the car, kitchen, garden, on the street and even in the loo!

Not only have they learnt all the words and music, but also all the pauses, intonations, tremolos and so on - they no longer need to listen to the soundtrack.

My sister on the other hand is under orders and busily working her magic creating an unique and bespoke Elsa style dress.

Really, I’ve never, ever, ever seen a movie create so much interest and enthusiasm in my children and we’re a family who watch a lot of movies!

I’m very happy to hear that there’s a Welsh version… this will give us some light relief as parents! :open_mouth:

I’d never seen or heard any of Frozen or its songs until a few weeks ago when someone sent me a link to the 25-language version of Let It Go (which, I have to admit, is awesome). Since then, the bloody thing has been stuck in my brain on endless repeat. For like three weeks! :faint: :lol:

My three year old nephew does it complete with stamping and running at the appropriate places!

Love it !

I agree, a completed studio version would be great! For fans of both Frozen and baking, I thought I’d point out these cakes :slight_smile: There’s a tutorial here: HOW TO MAKE A DISNEY PRINCESS SISTERS CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube (one of my favourite youtube channels of late)
Ana and Elsa cakes