Welsh lessons where am I going

I joined SSi to learn Welsh the first 6 lessons were hard and fast but I was learning ,this business with the cloud is beyond me ,I do not see the point ,Do not like it ,do not think I could use my phone as there is no reception here .Please Please tell me we are going back to the lessons as they were in the beginning or sadly ,very sadly I am going to stop my lessons .

The actual lessons have the same format throughout the course.

The one you’re mentioning now is an extra/suggested exercise that you get with the course.

But as @siaronjames wrote you in the other thread/topic, you may as well just keep it aside for now until the new system is ready, and go on with the “normal” lessons in the meantime.

Thank you I am starting to feel better about thing s. I was beginning to feel a real failure.The language Is a fast moving one and I am shouting slow down .,Guess I speak fast in English lol.TY,

Well, all the exercises in the course are meant as extra help and push.

However…truth is that I never recorded anything in Soundcloud myself and did manage to go around Wales understanding and speaking to people quite well anyway! :grin:

As others have said, Soundcloud has changed recently, but even before that I’ve always made recordings on my computer or phone. You don’t need reception to use a phone as a recording device. In fact I actually use my old Samsung S4 to record voice overs for my videos and it doesn’t even have a SIM card in it any more! But it still works fine as a recording and playback device.

You could try making the recordings for practice and leave the uploading until the tech people at SSiW have worked out a better way of doing it.