Welsh learning resource: Colloquial Welsh - FREE!

Via an email from Benny Lewis “Weekly Language News”

Audio Files for Routedge Colloquial Welsh (and many other languages) now available for free download
There are 50 files in all, but I couldn’t get the zip all in one link to work, so have downloaded each file separately

I don’t have the colloquial welsh book, but assume that all practice is good!



Thanks for that, Malcom. I see there are 109 files in all as there’s a second audio link as well.

As much as I could see there’s an error in XML, so yes, separate download will just have to do its work. :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, and thank you. Handy in deed.

Umm, well, - right click and it’ll work for all files. (it obviously isn’t such XML error though).

Happy practicing! :slight_smile:

It doesnt’t work either at least for me, then it is missing something in that XML though. The Audio 1 button works the same for me (what means it doesn’t work) and whti separate lessons I don’t get download but play and when I rightclick it offers me finished webpage to be saved not .zip, .rar, .mp3 or anything else.

Did anyone work way around maybe?

Now I saw it even says there are no files so I believe (well my son who is “computer man” says the same) there’s error on server. Let me see if it’s playable at all.

You can play them on the site and I very much asume this is only meant to be so and not for download though. No matter what I’ll contact them to hear from them what’s “wrong” because I’m highly interested in this and I believe you’re too.

Here we go! Just typed a message about broken links to them so now I’m waiting for an answer or for links appear to work. :slight_smile:

Your opinion: Is it possible that I don’t get those files to be downloaded because of this:

This is in Routledge store, but anyway, it’s highly interesting though. :frowning:

I downloaded the first 50 using the “video downloader” plugin for firefox

Haven’t done all the second cd / Audio 2 files yet But tried it with the first file of the Audo 2 selection, and it works fine

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I thought it’s Google isue but tried with Opera aswell and it did the same as I’ve described in previous post.

Yes - we are phasing out CD audio for the Colloquial series, and the audio will be downloadable free; as a consequence, the books will be more expensive. But this is good news if you’ve already got the book but not the audio, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.

Well the bad news is it’s not available for my country - Slovenia (at least it appears to be so (see last picture in my last post)) and I can’t download free audios either.

@tatjana I am having the same issues - broken links/files not found. I tried Chrome and Firefox. I don’t have that Firefox plugin that @malcolmlambert mentioned, though.

@tatjana I get the same thing you do. I can’t download. I live in the US but it says it is not for sale in my shipping region also :frowning:

Thanks. I’m waiting for the answer from them. Hope they’ll answer my mail eventually. It’s only pity it’s Saturday, so for many not work day and that I’m “vanishing” to the sea-side on Monday :slight_smile: so I’ll be less active here but will try to follow my mail and if I get something I’ll report back on here.

The firefox extension I’m using is available here

I couldn’t get anything to work using Chrome; haven’t tried any other browsers

There is material for a wide range of languages - including Slovene!

I know this. Curiousity thing: did you try some Slovene?

Well I borrowed the Slovene course from our library to see how it appears and I believe it appears nicely. I listened to the audio too. I alos listened to some Italian 2. Well I could renew my knowlede of Italian so that’s why I would like to practice with Welsh one additionally. There are exercises in the book and in audio material, quite interesting thing the whole series in deed. .

I sent a query to Routledge over the weekend, and they very kindly and quickly answered this morning. The download links have been fixed. I was able to download all the audio files just now using the “Download all Audio Files” button. I don’t have the book - not ready for it yet! - but at least I will have the audio when the time comes.


Good to know. Thanks Anna

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yep, I was also able to download them all at once

I’m on a Mac and I was still having trouble so I had a look in the source code. Here are the direct links to the .zip files:




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What has everyone’s experience been like using these learning materials? Ive heard mixed reviews about it.

I haven’t used the sound files, but I think that Colloquial Welsh is the best in the whole Colloquial series (okay, out of the dozen or so I’ve got), and it was my personal favourite textbook when I was learning :sunny:


Got Slovene to? (just my curiousity AGAIN!!!) :slight_smile:

I’ve written to them right when I found out links are broken but didn’t get any answer unfortunatelly, however links work perfectly for me too now.

Thank you @AnnaC.

Yup, think so - think I got that back when the choir went to Slovenia… :sunny:

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