Welsh learners/speakers in Surrey/West Sussex?

I’m wondering if there’s any interest out there for a meet-up in Guildford?

This could be convenient for people who live in the surrounding area including (for example) Cranleigh, Godalming, Horsham, Farnham, Sussex, even Greater London.

Let me know if you’re interested - either by replying to this, or you can message me on the SSiW Slack where I am @Sarah .

@Deborah-SSi Would you be able to add this to the newsletter please? Diolch yn fawr!

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I’ve sent a message on Slack

@gareth-19 I can’t see the message for some reason. What’s your handle on Slack?

@Gareth H

Definitely - I’ll pop it in for this week.

There has been a very active group in your area for 10 years now, though I’m not sure what they’ve been doing lately - CACEN Meetup South East England
Try leaving a message there for @markwatkinprice :slight_smile:

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Diolch @Deborah-SSi ! I didn’t know about the South East group - will definitely look into this.

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Hi Sarah, I’m in Basingstoke and our local group filled last year due to lack of regular be attendees. Is be interested to attend at least some meetings in the Guildford area
Gareth Mitchell

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I would love to see that happen in Surrey. I live in Great Bookham, and Cymraeg is difficult to hear here.

I’d be interested, I’m Aldershot and used to meet with the Cacen group when I lived in Dorking.

I’d be interested. I’m about 10 miles from Guildford, when I’m not in Wales.

Shwmae pawb! It’s fantastic to get so many responses!
I’m thinking a Saturday meet-up say, once a month could be a good thing to aim for.
I’ve just realised that summer may not be the best time to start trying to schedule stuff as people are away at different times. So I’m wondering if the best thing to do would be to put a date in the diary for a group meet up in September? What do people think?
Would Saturday 11 Sept at 3pm in Guildford work?



Shwmae, Sarah,
Apologies for not replying sooner but I’d be up for a meeting in Guilsdford on 11/9 if that’s still on.

I’m in Effingham - not far away. Sounds interesting. As Harry says, not much Welsh spoken here.

Shwmae everyone!
I’m so pleased to see that there are people who are interested in a meet-up in Guildford.
I will be outside Gail’s Bakery in Guildford on Saturday 11 Sept at 3pm.
I hope to see some of you then!
(I may be wearing some sort of Cymraeg-themed t shirt to make it easier to spot me!)

@Deborah-SSi Hi Deborah, could you add this to the next newsletter please, in case anyone else might be interested in coming along? Diolch! Sarah

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I would have loved to join you and I’m often near enough to do that, but I’m lucky to be in Wales until next week. Hopefully there’ll be another opportunity soon.

A quick reminder/ invite for anyone interested in meeting in person with other Welsh learners in Guildford.
I’ll be outside Gail’s Bakery in Guildford at 3pm tomorrow (Saturday 11th Sept) with a paned. I’ll be wearing a ‘dysgwr’ badge and a big orange ‘Cymraeg’ badge so hopefully that’ll make me easy to spot!

A little bit about me: I raced through levels 1, 2 and 3 in lockdown and have been getting a bit rusty since then. Thinking it would be lovely to be able to meet in person to practice and encourage each other to progress. I’ve actually never been to a learner’s group before. Depending on who’s interested, I’m thinking we can shape it to our needs.

@gareth-mitchell @harry-dowling @Becca_F @terry-6 Tagging you all as you’ve expressed interest in this. Do let me know if you are thinking of coming tomorrow. If you can’t come tomorrow but are still interested, perhaps reply here and we can figure out a next step.

@rhian-pb Thanks for letting me know.


Diolch Sarah,
I have the date in my diary and was hoping you’d message me. I’ll be there for 3pm and will keep an eye out for the badge
Hwyl am y tro

Brilliant! See you then, Gareth. Looking forward to meeting you.

Sorry, can’t make tomorrow, but would very much like to join future meet-ups if you arrange any. Very disappointed. Best of luck for tommorow.