Welsh learners mentored by welsh speakers scheme, dyffryn nantlle

hi everyone

a new scheme has been launched in gwynedd for welsh learners to be paired up with welsh speakers, for an hour a week, to chat! it’s funded by welsh government.

i’ve rung to enquire, it will actually get going properly in september, but in the meantime, if anyone is interested contact craig on 01286 479093.

it feels like an excellent progression from SSIW. having done all 3 courses, and the new level 1, i’m finding that if someone speaks to me in welsh, i respond in welsh, but more conversational practice in a real situation would be great! the scheme promises an informal environment, eg walking, listening to music, in the pub …(i’ll be going for the third option no doubt!)

hwyl! deb


I wonder how this relates to /affects ffrinDiaith, if at all?


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Its totally separate and will be very localised I would think…

I would highly recommend this if your in the area. Graig was a learner who now works as a local councillor and presents shows on S4C. Dyffryn Nantlle and the communities within are really great and welcoming to learners and so you’ll have no trouble using your welsh. There is all so a group that meets in, The Halfway, pub every Wednesday night about seven which is great too.

sounds excellent dinas! i keep meaning to go to the halfway…!