Welsh learners in California?

Might be a long shot, but are there any beginners here on the left side of the US? While it would be great to meet up with people in person (I am in San Francisco), it might be more reasonable to try to set up a WhatsApp or Zoom meeting. Does something like this already exist?

@pjmeredith There is a regular Zoom meetup for Welsh learners in American time zones. It takes place through the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, so I’ve just sent you an invitation to join it. I’m not sure where all the participants are located - some in Canada, some in the US, and I’ve just mentioned it to someone in Brazil - but you may find someone in the West. Just look for the #the-americas channel once you’re in.

I am in SF but only this month, and leaving on 17th… what a shame we could have had some good Cymraeg… anyway, we do have (with our Welsh Soc of Western New England) two levels of Welsh Conversation on Zoom - go to WelshWNE.org to check them out. Free to join us. Not classes… just levels of conversation.