Welsh Learners Alicante Spain

Hello all,

After a successful meetup last week with another person who has used SaySomethinginWelsh in Benidorm we are trying to make this a regular event open to any learners in the Alicante province.

At the moment it’s just the two of us, Helen and me, and we intend to make this at least a monthly if not weekly or fortnightly event. Both of us live within 15km of Benidorm but we’re both able to drive and are looking for people around the Alicante province to take part.

If interested please leave me know below or via WhatsApp ((+34) CHWECH-DIM-NAW TRI-DIM-CHWECH CHWECH-PEDWAR-NAW). If you don’t have transport then please let me know and we’ll try to work something out.

Last time we went to a golf club and had a drink for just over an hour. It was the first time that I’d spoken Welsh “wyneb yn wyneb” or face-to-face with another person in almost two years and perhaps the longest time that Helen ever has spoken Welsh with another person!

If more people are interested we can start to organise places and regular times to kick this off. Please contact via WhatsApp or via the forums.


I lived in Guardamar del Segura (the southern end of Alicante province) for twelve years, but left to move back to Belgium three years ago, so, sadly, I shall not be able to join you. In any case, I wish you pob lwc and hope you enjoy learning both Welsh and Spanish. If you cancy an interesing and different day out with your group, you might wish to visit the Museo Escolar de Pusol, close to Elche.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve driven past Elx/Elche loads but never actually been inside. I found another town nearby called Elda which apparently has a strong shoemaking history and industry. There’s always new stuff to do and learn around these parts.

Fe ddaw fy Sbaeneg ond mae cywilydd arna i oherwydd pa mor wael yw fy ngallu yn Sbaeneg ar hyn o bryd :roll_eyes:… Fi’n beio’r cyfnod clo am y tro.

How’s your French or Flemish coming?

Elche still has quite a lot of shoe-making and it is possible to visit some of the factories with outlet stores there. The town itself is divided into two parts by the river Vinalopó. The old part is pleasant and interesting, with a large municipal park and the smaller private Huerto del Cura, and plenty of other points of interest. The Museo Escolar de Pusol is situated some kilometres to the south of the town.

I speak Dutch fluently as I live in the Flemish part of Belgium. I also speak French, having worked in that language for many years.