Welsh Language support on phones

Hi All, this is more for awareness raising than asking a question. Back in November last year I entered the techno age by buying a new phone (a Samsung S8). When I was looking at the options for texting / messaging it offered a facility to have a second language added to English. Great I thought that will be great for texting in Welsh. Not a bit of it! To my extreme consternation and anger amongst approximately 100 + languages (some pretty obscure), guess what - dim Cymraeg!
I emailed Samsung support to complain that an officially recognised language of the UK is not available on a phone bought in the UK! They promised that their engineers would look into this, resolve and get back to me. Despite several further emails chasing them up I am still waiting.
I won’t give up on this. Dwi’n fel gi efo asgwyrn.


I assume your Samsung is running Android?

I have a Sony Xperia running Android 6 which has quite good support for Welsh (e.g. predictive text - which is always fun when you’re actually not trying to txt in Welsh, just Saesneg with fat fingers). The way it’s accessed is via the Settings menus that different manufacturers do tend to customise, but I doubt very much that Sony built support for Cymraeg from scratch - I imagine it’s either a common Android thing,or at any rate something they’ve been able to incorporate as part of a whole package of multiple language support. My guess is that either Samsung basically haven’t bothered, but fairly easily could, or else that the people answering your query just weren’t knowledgeable enough. You could try telling them that their competitors support it!

For what it’s worth, on my phone it’s just:
Settings - Language & input - Xperia™ Keyboard - Writing languages - Cymraeg


Not sure what level of support you’re looking for but, Swiftkey offers predictive text in Welsh.


You can install Google keyboard. It supports Cymraeg.


Literatim is great. Predictive text, spellchecking AND translation suggestions when you type an English word in. Also it puts a single quote character on the main keyboard - very, very useful when writing in Welsh!



Hi Folks, thanks for all your replies and advice. I can now report that I have just had an email from Samsung to say that Cymraeg is now supported on Samsung phones. I have installed it into my S8 now. You have to access ‘all languages’ rather than their ‘suggested languages’ but still - llwyddiant o’r diwedd!
Iechyd a diolch, Chris.


S’mai Chris. Dw i’n gweithio ar Android Cymraeg. Hoffwn wybod mwy am dy brofiad gyda Samsung a’r Gymraeg. Fedri di cysylltu â fi plîs? ebost yw aled @ aledpowell dotttt cymru

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Penigamp! Newydd ei lwytho! Mor falch! Diolch!