Welsh language support for iOS8

Not sure how many of you follow Apple announcements very closely but they unveiled iOS8 for their iPhone/iPads this week and it’s finally getting Welsh language support!!

What this means is that in future ALL apps can be translated and made available with a Welsh language option within the App Store. Hopefully a good thing for the language!

I usually follow, but haven’t been able to lately. Do you have any idea when they wil go live with iOS 8??

Gavin - it’s available to developers in beta mode at the moment, live release will be in September.

Fantastic news! Thanks for this. This has made my day! I hope they make it easy to switch between Welsh and English for the keyboard.

I only just learned that I can get the Welsh vowels by pressing the letter for a few seconds. Smart phones are a bit beyond me.

Do you have a link supporting the announcement? I can’t find anything saying iOS8 will support Welsh online. :frowning:

Crosses fingers for Android Welsh support…

@Simon - I couldn’t find the official link either but my friend localizes iOS apps (i.e. translates them to other supported languages) and Welsh is definitely on the list of new languages!

Ah! That’s encouraging. I hope it’s a full localisation option. I somehow managed to get Welsh localisation synced over so that some things are in Welsh such as the calendar… but that’s about it. And I’m not even sure how I did it.

That’s brilliant news :):slight_smile:

That is exciting. :slight_smile:

Excellent! I think there is a Welsh predictive-text plug-in available for Android, but there isn’t that option for iPhone. (Please excuse me if that’s not right - it’s something I read a couple of years ago and then ignored as I don’t have an Android phone.)

My wife seems to run her iPhone in Welsh, but she can’t remember where she found the option to do so…

Sara Peacock wrote: My wife seems to run her iPhone in Welsh, but she can’t remember where she found the option to do so…

You can change the Region Format to show the date in Welsh on your iPhone (I have this on my iPhone and iPad) through Settings - International - Region Format. As yet there are no Welsh language setting, keyboard, autocorrect or Welsh-speaking Siri option (but how amazing would it be if there were - instant sgwrs partner!!!). Hopefully we will see all this in iOS 8.

This is fantastic news if true - diolch!

Yes, there is an Android thingy, called LiteratIM. I’ve never used it as I have an iPhone, but I know people who swear by it.

As for speaking Welsh to Siri - I recall a friend a couple of Eisteddfods ago asking Siri “A oes heddwch?”, and the poor thing thought he was talking about haddock. :lol:

@Ifan - what would you expect Siri to have said? “Oes!” :slight_smile:

If this is planned, I won’t do anything rash about turfing out my iStuff until later this year, and if it turns out to be true, I will probably keep it. Thanks Tzevai!

Just read through my last post and need to make a correction:-

You can change the Region Format to show the date in Welsh on your iOS device through Settings - General - International - Region Format.

Note that doing this will change the date on your calendars, emails, and virtually all apps that use date and time information, to Welsh, not just the lock screen!

I’m not entirely sure how far into the iOS Welsh will be supported - as far as I’m aware it won’t be included as a language for Siri but I’m hopeful it includes keyboard, etc (that’s the least I would expect if apps can be localized). Will try and find out more from my friend to confirm!

I hope it’s true, but suspect it’s not. I watched the keynote recently and did not see a welsh flag when they mentioned new languages.
iOS has been able to show dates in Welsh for a while now, but that’s not the same as full language support.

I’ve been digging around to try and confirm some info - the Welsh support might come down to the fact that Apple is allowing third-party keyboards in iOS8 which effectively means you can use any language which your keyboard supports. SwiftKey is most likely going to be the most popular one downloaded and they’ve recently added Welsh as a supported language for the keyboard.

Will be seeing my fiend later today so I’ll confirm how far the language support goes in the new iOS. He’s definitely looking into localizing apps in Welsh once it’s launched so it must be fairly well integrated.