Welsh language quizzes on parallel.cymru

One of the great things about parallel.cymru is that it provides ways for many people to share their experiences, interests and skills with a wider community. Earlier this year I plugged in a quiz system, and SSIW’s very own @siaronjames made a fantastic set of quizzes. They are in Welsh, with an option to hover/mouseover/press to get an English translation, it tells you there and then if you’re right or not, and it gives you an explanation of the answer.
Siaron’s quizzes are great- well written and pitched at a level that SSIW members can easily enjoy. :white_check_mark:

She has just completed a batch of new quizzes under the pen-name Gŵgl-wraig, and I’ll be adding around one quiz a week for the next couple of months, so I’d encourage you to take a look:

There’s also one monster quiz compiled by @nia.llywelyn and Cymdeithas yr Iaith- their annual Cymunedau Byw quiz https://parallel.cymru/cwis-y-flwyddyn-2018/.

Enjoy, and I hope that you get more right than I did, even though I’d seen the answers while setting them up! :wave:


Dwi’n 'mond cael 4 o 10 :frowning:

Just got 5/5 on the pub quiz without any guesses! Which is probably quite a damning endictment on me!


@siaronjames has prepared a fun little quiz on the Eisteddfod that is suitable for learners that I’ve just published- https://parallel.cymru/cwis-hwyl-y-prifwyl/

Diolch Siaron!


2/5 for me after a resounding 5/5 on the pub quiz is unfortunately an even bigger damning indictment on me, not only as a person, but in every manner!

:smile: Thank goodness for that - I thought I might be making them too easy! :joy:

As long as you’ve learnt a new word or a new fact from the 3 you got wrong, I’d call that a success! :wink: