Welsh language podcasts all in one place!

Have a look at this FANTASTIC idea:




That’s really useful. The hacio’r iaith podcast looks particularly interesting (as someone interested in technology).


Thanks for reminding me about this, @Hishiv :slight_smile:

Tagging @Deborah-SSi :wink:

Just listening to the “Hacio’r Iaith” rwan hyn (right now) but I’d better press PAUSE or I won’t be fit to drive in the morning …

Mae’n bron hanner wedi dau yn y bore rwan. (It’s almost half past two in the morning) now.

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YES! Thanks for this!

“Does dim gair Cymraeg am random” is really good - but the editing is done so…oddly, so you’ll have 10 minutes of quiet chatter (turns up volume very loud in the car) - for some random HELLISH loud music to come out of nowhere and give me a heart attack.


Sounds great! :smile:


Hahaha, the first episode of it which I downloaded was an interview with Yws Gwynedd - which had been recorded with a single mobile phone in the middle of the room…

…quite quietly - so I had to play it at volume 18 on my car stereo…

then every time theres a cut in the chat, a variant of the intro tune plays again… at heart attack volume :smiley:

Dont say you havent been warned! But superb podcast though

This might be one just for the sports fans, but Owain Tudur Jones and Malcolm Allen have recently started doing a regular Welsh language spin-off of The Longman’s Football World, called Yn Y Parth. Available in all the usual podcast places.

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