Welsh language music (2019+)

Helo pawb :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make a list of current welsh pop / dance artists and what their vibe is for anyone who wants to listen to more modern music.

These are all artists who have been active in the last couple of years but if you have any recent artists of any genre feel free to add them below. I’m thinking of maybe making a Spotify playlist of welsh artists to make the welsh music scene more accessible to learners like me.

Here’s a few artists I particularly like:

Ani Glass - electronic pop with a dance but ethereal feel. I’m obsessed with her ‘Ynys Araul’ track. She sings in Cymraeg and Cornish.

Mali Haf - breezy pop, she currently only has one track (that I could find) but it makes me feel like its summer and I’d highly recommend listening to it. It’s called ‘freshni’ and was released this year (2021).

Danielle Lewis - chilled, mellow pop, something I’d listen to if I was studying (though those days are gone for me).

Betsan Haf Evans - Upbeat pop, I like her ‘Eleri’ track. Her music has a quite a funky feel old school, lots of bass.

Ifan Dafydd - he’s a producer, a lot of his music has hip-hop vibes, he is just really cool. I’d highly recommend his ‘Celwydd’ track.

Thallo- really easy listening, I think I’d describe as electric jazz? I liked ‘I Dy Boced’

Alys Williams - she has a few collabs with Ifan Dafydd, I’d recommend ‘Dim ond’

SYBS - these guys a bit too punky for me but I did like ‘Anwybodaeth’

Eadyth - dance music, I really rate ‘mwy o gariad’

Endaf- a producer and honestly the king of house (I think he’s more house than dance but idk that’s just my opinion) ‘GLAW’ is very very good.

I’ve tried to give examples of artists songs that are the best example of music to make it easier for you to decide if you like them or not. But yeh feel free to add more artists :slight_smile:


@nia.llywelyn - hope I’ve tagged the right Nia

@robbruce is our resident Welsh music guru - his knowledge of the Welsh rock and pop scene is absolutely brilliant! :slight_smile:


I don’t do a lot of pop and dance music although I enjoy much of it. I’m a professional musician and in particular a pipe organist and choir trainer. I have found, over the years, much beauty in Welsh song and particularly when the very lyrical Welsh language is wedded to equally beautiful lyrical melody and harmony. There is one particular song by the Welsh composer Dilys Elwyn-Edwards that begins, ‘Mae hiraeth yn y mor a’r mynydd maith’ and that is why I have finally started to learn Welsh and I’m now nearing the end of Level 3. It brings me nearer to the country where I climbed Snowdon at the age of five and not lost my love of since.

Hi @charleyeyrn - That’s fantastic! Thank you!
Please could you please add your list to the excellent Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files thread? It’s a gold mine for finding Welsh language music, and your suggestions would be a great addition. As @CatrinLliarJones said, @robbruce has done really sterling work in finding a huge amount of Welsh music and it’s all on that thread. This forum can get quite overwhelming with all of the threads, especially for those new to new SSiW, so it’s such a relief when great resources can be found in one place!