Welsh language events up in Aberteifi (Cardigan)

2 Welsh language plays coming up at Mwldan, Aberteifi (Cardigan):

17 Mar - 18 Mar

A Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and Theatr Iolo production, in association with Pontio

Based on the novel ‘Pigeon’ by Alys Conran

Adapted for the stage by Bethan Marlow

Pigeon is one in a million. At least that’s what his best friend Iola thinks. Brave, funny and a bit dangerous, there’s no one else she’d rather spend time with. But life is far from sweet.

Pigeon is desperate to escape the life that awaits him at home every night. Imagination, stories and words are the only ways he can survive. But one day, words are no longer enough. His walls come crashing down and life changes forever.

Set in the shadow of the north Wales slate quarries in the early ’90s, this is a gripping tale about growing up, the power of words, friendship and just how far people will go for love.

Based on the best-selling novel Pigeon by author Alys Conran, and adapted for the stage by Bethan Marlow. Welsh and English are subtly woven together, and every performance will use integrated captioning in both Welsh and English.

Age Guidance: 13+ (Contains strong language and themes of domestic violence)
£16 (£12)


25 May
Cynhyrchiad Theatrau Sir Gâr Production

1348, Pentreufargirec. A new chaos has arrived - Plague. God has betrayed the people, and a frenzy of finger-pointing, cat-hunting and heretic-burning has drowned the village in the toilet. To con-artist Twm, everything is ripe for the picking. With people dying, there’s a social ladder to climb. But under the rule of a Tax Collector desperately searching for love, and a revolutionary manure-seller spreading free-thinking amongst the peasantry, Twm will realise that the climb to power has its obstacles.

A mischievous, black (death) comedy about those who gain from crisis and corruption. Welcome to the Black Death – there’s nothing funnier.

Audiences 14+
£14 (£12)

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