Welsh Language Blogs

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about interesting welsh language blogs. I imagine there are loads out there, it would be good to have them in one place.

I just came across one about science fiction http://www.gwyddonias.com/

Good call! Here’s a couple off the top of my head:

My current favourite is Y Twll - art, film, music, that kind of thing.

Occasionally I try (without much success!) BlogMenai for a bit of politics.

There’s also Blwyddyn Rob following his attempts to use only Welsh in the valleys.

(As I mentioned in another thread, you can create an account at www.bliubliu.com and import any blog post (or web page) of your choosing. This allows you to click on any word in the article for a translation.)

Great start to this thread, although trying to connect to y Twll on my uni internet connection isn’t allowed, it thinks it’s a malware site.

I’m definitely going to try to put one of them google translation things that is on Blogmenai on my blog http://scitech.siterubix.com/ (how do you make text linkable to websites like in your post?)

how do you make text linkable to websites like in your post?

You put the text inside square brackets and then, without a space, put the url in rounded brackets:

[text here](url here)

Thanks. I know it’s not a Blog but I just came across this useful site which shows verb conjugations.

Just come across this. It’s not a blog, but you can read the digital version of the music magazine Y Selar here: http://issuu.com/y_selar.

Lots of back issues available and the current issue is here.

Gwelir http://www.blogiadur.com/hafan/

'o-Dzin Tridral posts a photo a day at blipfoto.com/tridral and writes his commentary in Welsh and English. He is a Welsh learner and has found this daily exercise extremely helpful for the development of his Welsh.

That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Just been looking at some of the blogs available on the Golwg360 website, and here are a few that I plan on looking through:

Y Blog Digidol. Anything under the digital media umbrella, really, but primarily video games.
Y Blog Gwleidyddiaeth. Comment and opinion on some of the stories making the news.
Y Blog Celfyddydau. Features and reviews covering art, film, music, theatre etc.

There’s lots more at www.golwg360.com/blog.