Welsh-Language Audio Books with Text

S’mae. I’m seeking audio books in Welsh, fiction and nonfiction, that also have text. Beginner and Intermediate level. What’s out there for free, for purchase, etc.? What would you recommend? Diolch.

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I haven’t listened to any WL audiobooks myself, but it’s a good idea.

I don’t know if you’re based in Wales, but if you are, you should be able to sign up to your local public library service and use their BorrowBox service to access audiobooks Cymraeg. Plus, borrow the print or e-book to go with it, and that would give you the text .

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I started reading with these (one is even a form of learning method to learn basic structure). I enjoyed them and found them helpful!

Also, definitely a big selection on BorrowBox app as @sortaottery suggested. I’d just like to add that it also works outside Wales, as long as you register to a Library in Wales. Not all libraries allow subscribers from outside the area, but some - like Cardiff - do!


I remember going into Tŷ Tawe, Welsh language centre and bookshop in Abertawe, Swansea several years ago and asking exactly the same question. I came out with a somewhat gloomy book and CD set of Martha, Jac a Sianco. It’s probably more intermediate to advanced but I’m of the school of thought that if it’s too easy, what’s the point of doing it? Audio appears, now, to be freely available on Youtube. I would certainly listen to it first and let the words I don’t know pass me by, get the gist of the story, before going on to read it.

Audible has a few Welsh audiobooks plus There’s a site for welsh podcasts here.

Y Pod - Podlediadau i Ddysgwyr - Podcasts for Welsh Learners


I appreciate all the replies. Looking forward to exploring some. I’m based in The States. So I’m seeking written/audio resources that can be accessed here or internationally. Thanks very much to all. P.S. Do you think librarycard-givers in the UK would give me a pass for being directly descended from Rhodri Mawr? LOL P.S.S. I will be visiting Mid Wales / North Wales soon; so if anyone wants to go shopping for trenchcoats with me, for a dramatic library visit naturally, do let me know. :joy:

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If you’re going to be in Wales anyway I suggest you go into any libraries and ask for help, advice, suggestions they might have. All librarians are helpful that way, even if you can’t join the library itself.

There’s no need to live or be in Wales to join (some) Welsh libraries.

I’m in Italy, I don’t even have proof of close or far Welsh ancestors. All I had to do to become a member is going to the website and filling an on line form! :smiley:

I can’t remember the whole list…I’m sure of Cardiff, but I had actually just googled to find their websites and tried until I found one that worked!

However, I’d sure be up to be there and see you walk in a library wearing a trenchcoat, in the summer and starting your request speaking of Rhodri Mawr! :rofl:

p.s. @margaretnock by the way I had asked Carmarthen library but, unless it has changed after the lockdown, they accept only local residents as members!


About a year ago a Swansea librarian told me that anyone living in Wales could be a member, although I didn’t test it out.

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Cardiff and Swansea both got back to me from the library world and it does look promising to get books from both despite my not being a UK resident. Thanks again, ladies and fellas! Please do feel free to add any new ideas, resources, etc. here as they pop into your respective noggins.


I really enjoyed Cadw Swn.

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Dear fellow trenchcoat-wearing foreigners and those sympathetic to our respective Welsh-learning quests :joy: :

One can indeed establish a free online account through the Cardiff Library System. From there you can get books with audio and text, where available, via Borrow Box.

Y Lolfa’s apparently a quality publisher for folks looking to learn Welsh. I have found a few offerings from them in both text and audio.

Looking forward to meeting people soon in Dolgellau and maybe elsewhere in Wales…!