Welsh in Merthyr Tudful

We’re off to a new season of Welsh learning in the Welsh for Adults centres around Wales. The Soar Centre in Merthyr Tudful is offering its first Saturday conversation opportunity and it’s great to get along there to meet others and support the growth of Welsh in the area. Here’s the information:

Come over to Canolfan Soar in Merthyr Tydfil on September 27 between 10-12 for a cuppa and a chance to chat with Welsh learners and speakers. An opportunity to meet new people from Merthyr and also to see the Soar Theatre, Siop y Ganolfan selling Welsh books and other items and Caffi Cwtsh. Everyone welcome. There is a car park as part of Canolfan Soar.

Fantastic, I always enjoy attending the centres through the year. They are so popular. I have been to Denbigh, Bala and Dolgellau Saturday conversations/ ysgol Pasg etc. Great chance to practise spoken Welsh and learn so much about Welsh culture. I heard Betty George interviewing the lady ( sorry forgot her name) who helps run the centre, she was so inspirational. Wel… Pob lwc i’chdi Dee a’ r criw.

There’s a reading group at the Canolfan Soar that meets every other week - they’ll be meeting this Monday around 1pm or 1.15pm I think. This year they’ll be looking at articles rather than books.

I know this is an old thread, but rather than start a new one - can anyone recommend anywhere in Merthyr / the area where Welsh is spoken?

I’ll be in Merthyr next weekend as a base to travel to Cardiff for the rugby. I was meant to be going with my dad, but unfortunately he’s now unable to go, so I thought I’d try and use this opportunity for a bit of speaking practice.
I’ve seen Caffi Soar online, so I’ll try and get some breakfast there Saturday morning but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Phyl Griffiths used to hold a learners group at the Bragdy Twt lol in Trefforest on a Friday afternoon. Not sure if it is still happening but their cwrw is blasus iawn


I probably won’t get there early enough for this on the Friday, but it is still on the brewery website. One for next time I think!

Thanks for the suggestion


If you do ever manage to make it I’m sure that you will receive a warm welcome. Phyl is a great person, he was my tutor on level sylfaen and was always supportive and encouraging. You may know him from the Noson Lawen evenings that Hendrik arranges.

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Didn’t make it to Bragdy Twt in the end, but did visit Clwb y Bont and Caffi Soar. Can recommend both to Welsh learners and speakers in the area.

Clwb y Bont was quiet when I visited but sounds like it does get busier depending whats on. Its a really nice, comfortable space which shows rugby on a (very) big screen and has a great choice of drinks. All the bar staff I spoke to spoke Welsh, and the clientele are a mix (again depending on what’s on). I popped in on both Friday and Saturday evening and both times was made to feel very welcome, with the locals inviting me to chat and drink with them.
They all also put of live music from both local performers and big names (Dafydd Iwan, Candelas and Elin Fflur all playing in the coming months).


Caffi Soar was also nice. Its a small cafe attached to the theatre along with a few other amenities. Again, the staff all spoke Welsh, and were speaking it amongst themselves too.
The food is decent and very good value - I had a small fried breakfast, a slice of bara brith and 2 cups of tea for around £10. There’s also a book shop next door selling a lot of books written in Welsh and books teaching Welsh. The cafe also puts on a lot of activities in Welsh.


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Just in addition to this, I’ve not seen much up to date stuff on Caffi Soar and their website needs updating, but I made a note of some of their events while I was there in case it appealed to anyone. These were all advertised in Welsh, so I’m assuming they are done through Welsh.

  • Yoga - Mondays 09:30-11:00
  • Craft sessions - Mondays 10:00-12:00
  • Jam sessions - 1st Tuesday of every month 19:30
  • Welsh lessons - Wednesdays 12:00-13:00
  • Open mic - 2nd Thursday of every month 19:30
  • Chat group - Fridays 13:30-15:30

Obviously if you want any more info, get in touch with them.


Facebook looks to be the place for more info for Clwb y Bont


Sounds like you had a great time!

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