Welsh in Berkshire

I organise Wales Week / Berkshire and am keen to connect with the Welsh in the Thames Valley. This year was our inaugural year and it was a great success, with lots of places embracing and celebrating Wales and familiar faces supporting us. I am planning for next year and would love to get more people involved.

There is a Facebook Page for Wales Week / Berkshire and a group Welsh in Berkshire, do check them out and join as well as St David’s World.

Chat soon.


Thank you @nell-williams-1 for the information! Do you have links to your facebook pages at all? It would be great if you could share them here! :slight_smile:

Lets hope you get lots of Thames Valley learners get in touch - all the very best!

Thank you, yes there’s lots of links and pages.

St David’s World - do join in wherever you are!

Wales Week / Berkshire - I would love to hear from you!


Welsh in Berkshire - please do join

Thank you so much, I do hope that we can get a thriving community going!


Fabulous Neil, diolch!

All the best with getting that community flourishing! :smile: