Welsh holiday suggestions needed

Suggestions please - I want to go on holiday to Wales with my 16 year old. So I need a location which can provide some thing of interest for a teenager. All ideas welcome ! (I only want to be away for 2 / 3 nights)

Thank you in advance!

What are his/her/their interests and which part of Wales would you be thinking of - it’ll help us pin point more relevant ideas! :slight_smile:


Thanks Siaron. Anywhere in Wales TBH - have car will travel ! However, . since I’d like to practice / attempt to say something in Welsh probably north Wales since I’m that’s what I’m studying but south and mid Wales is more convenient to get easier. My teen’s interests are sitting on a beach / with a screen !

I only really have experience of the south. I live in the South so travelling west to Pembrokeshire has been regular since I was a child. Specifically
Tenby which is a lovely place to visit. (it has many activities nearby oakwood Park, Heatherton, folly farm. Beaches. But check openings etc if you’re going this year).
Pembrokeshire in general is beautiful. But I’ve been visiting for years and I’ve never noticed Welsh speakers (corrections welcome haven’t been travelling much since I started learning Welsh last September).
I have been itching to go to Aberystwyth myself. My plans had to change.
There’s so many lovely places to visit though.

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One of my favourite beaches up here in the north is Harlech. It’s usually pretty quiet even in summer, especially the far end away from the car park. There aren’t that many attractions as such other than the castle, but with anywhere at the moment it’s best to check what is and isn’t open beforehand. The more facilities a place has, the more crowded it’s going to be.
Most of the beaches around the Lleyn Peninsula are heaving at the moment, so I would suggest definitely avoiding those at the moment.
There are also some gorgeous beaches around the coast of Anglesey, but again, some of these will be very busy.
Normally there are plenty of museums and outdoor activities to visit in Gwynedd, but not all of these are fully open, if at all.
Further south, a friend of mine has just been to Ynyslas (just north of Aberystwyth) and it’s nice and quiet there too.
Having never used any gadget with a screen on a beach, I can’t answer about wi-fi signals though!

Hi Claire. Bell-tents are becoming more popular and one in particular that my wife and I tried last October was located in Bryncrug, near Tywyn. Tywyn has a great beach, there is a narrow-gauge railway that starts there which includes a museum and the beach in Fairbourne is fantastic. One drawback with bell-tents? One bedroom…
Lots of other options around the village though, including caravans and chalets. For a wonderfully atmospheric walk, try Cregennan Lakes towards Dolgellau. The view of Barmouth across the Mawddach estuary is amazing from there.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. Oh I’d love to go to Harlech. A friend went there recently and sent me the most beautiful picture of the sunset over the beach.

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Garys - What a great suggestion. I remember visiting/ driving through Tywyn when we stayed in Aberdovey a few years ago.Thank you for those suggestions of things to do. Hmm not sure about a bell tent though… I do like my ensuite facilities !