Welsh Hallowe'en

An interesting article here about Mentrau Iaith aim of reviving Welsh Hallowe’en traditions - there’s also a link to a video telling the story (in Welsh) of Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Underworld:


Thanks for the link. I’ll listen to that later.


I love this, thank you for sharing. Gwilym runs some brilliant courses on Celtic Studies too :slight_smile:


That man was born to tell stories; I could listen to him all day. Thanks for posting that link.

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Here’s a link to the video -

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I can understand the gist of this, but it would be really helpful if anyone could put up a list of key words/phrases to help me out a bit!

A kids competition for Hallowe’en by Mentrau Iaith -

Hi Fran, I don’t have anything I’m afraid. I think it was created by the Mentrau Iaith? Thay may well be able to help you out if you got in touch. :wink:

I watched English subtitles on the Youtube link? Maybe you need to check your settings? Admittedly, I didn’t notice if there were Welsh subtitles…
and it doesn’t quite give you a set of translations…
but certainly clarifies the meaning…:wink:

Strngely, I can’t access any welsh or English subtitles. I get German - auto only and in settings I tried changing it to Welsh but that didn’t work either.

Look forward to watching this.

I didn’t see any subtitles. I could actually manage without, but I did look and it just said “German auto-generated” and nothing came up on screen.

Hi @margarethall and @franhunni try this link

Strangely when I sent the above link via Whatsapp to my son and partner in Austria ( his partner has been learning Cymraeg via Duolingo) they could see the subtitles and so could I.
However, I just checked the one from Catrin on here now and it doesn’t work for me now! Must be some quirk with Youtube?
Pob lwc!

That’s interesting. Your link worked and the subtitles were there. It looks like there are two versions of the video on YouTube, one with and one without subtitles.

That’s what I got too!

Thank you @robert-gee - that works perfectly. I want to try and understand it fully so I can talk to my grandson about it.

Mae’n bosib @margarethall :blush: Moynhewch yr ffilm!
Hefyd @franhunni!
My son and his partner were enchanted by the ‘beautiful language’ which is Cymraeg. As I said, she has some ability in Welsh as she loves languages, as does my son.

Mae o’n gret stori. I have just started SSIW course and am so pleased with all the resources available.

Happy to have had the subtitles to pick up on words I didn’t know, like Annwfn. Does this place feature in other folk tales or is it specific to this Halloween story?

It features widely in Welsh myth and is regarded as one version of the Celtic Otherworld, situated beneath the earth and usually approached via a fairy-mound. It features strongly in the first branch of the Mabinogion - the story of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, who spends a year as King of Annwfn in place of its real king. (The alternative Otherworld is on an island or islands somewhere in the western ocean.)