Welsh groups in York

Helo bawb!

One of my students is moving to York. Does anyone know if there’s a Welsh group, society or a class in York?


@jonathan_simcock_7 might know - or know who to ask - he does a huge amount with promoting Welsh over the border… :sunny:

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@CarysT Do you know of anything in York?


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I’ve come across the odd person that speaks Welsh in York, but no group as such. Geraint and I go to the Leeds SSIW group each month, but hey - we could perhaps start a York group in the future! @jonathan_simcock_7 is brilliant at organising Welsh events in the Derby/Nottingham area, and I enjoyed the Welsh workshop day in Derby last year. It is a little bit far for us to travel there though, on a regular basis.


Diolch! I’ll pass this information on to her. :grinning:

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